Fan Gallery Contents: Jon Singer

[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002] Jon Singer [high-res photo]

Laurel MD
Convention fan, occasional fanzine fan, musician, food fan

Fan GoH: Minicon 16 (1980), Lunacon (1992), OryCon 7 (1985), VikingCon (2001).
Lunch GoH: Minicon 26 (1991).
Toastmaster: V-Con 9 (1981), Minicon, ConFusion.

Con Committees: "7 for '77" (1977) Worldcon committee; was part of the Fan Room crew in Phoenix in 1978; Corflu 6 (1989).

Lyman Blaklee Award (a hoax), the mid-'70s.

Clubs/organizations: Past member of FSFSCU (see Fanzines, below), Vanguard, LASFS ("Death itself will not release you, even if you die."), NESFA, and one or two other clubs.

Fanzines: Helped produce AKOS (issued once, in 1970, by FSFSCU [The F&SF Soc. of Columbia Univ.]); have contributed variously to Rune, Mainstream, and a few others. Have also belonged to various APAs, including (but not limited to) MinneAPA, Intercourse, and APA-Q.

Other fanac: Have occasionally been known to read the "disgusting English candy drill" section from Gravity's Rainbow aloud. (Will sometimes read various other material aloud, depending upon circumstances.) Have been on lots of panels at various conventions, and have moderated various discussions and interviews here & there.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002
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