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Chicago IL area
Fan publisher, fannish-repro expert, apahack, letterhack, SMOF, conventioneer, and curmudgeon.

DUFF Winner 1993.

FGoH (w/ Leah): ArmadilloCon 17 (Austin TX, 1995); Windycon 22 (Schaumburg IL, 1995) First Contact 5 (Milwaukee WI, 1998); ConQuesT 31 (Kansas City MO, 2000).
FGoH (solo): Whatcon 7 (1985); Corflu Ocho (1991).

Toastmaster: Genuine ConFusion (Detroit, 1984).

Chairman: Relaxacon, Northbook IL (1989-'90).
Co-chair: ditto 3, 14 (1990, 2001); FanHistoriCon (1995, 2001).
Convention committees: several Chicons and a number of other Worldcons and NASFiCs; Relaxacon, ditto, Windycon, Capricon, and others.
Bid Committees: San Antonio in 1997; Australia in 1999 (U.S. Agent).

Fanzines: UNCLE DICK'S LITTLE THING (later UNCLE DICK'S), SPIRITS IN THE NIGHT, SPIRITS OF THING PAST, STET (1990-present), plus innumerable apazines and oneshots.
APAs: APA: Co-Founder of WindyApa; charter member of ApaTech; MISHAP, SLANapa, TAPS, The Cult, FAPA, Anzapa, APA-H, at various times. Was a serious apahack in the late '70s and early '80s.

Member (past or present) of: SFOHA; Thursday: CFG; Fannish Association of Central Texas (FACT); Fannish Educational Network; Timebinders; LASFS.

Founded the Timebinders electronic mailing list.

Hugo Award Nominee for STET, 1993, 1994, 2001.
Hogu, Worst Fanzine Title, for UNCLE DICK'S LITTLE THING, 1982.
Peter J. Vorzimer Award (awarded by The Cult).

Former member, WSFS MPC.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Nov. 2002.
Data: May 2003

Rev. 26-Aug-2014

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