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Chicago IL area


Toastmaster: InConspicuous, Bowling Green, Ohio (1982) - baked bread and brought a toaster oven.
Special Guest: Corflu 4, Cincinnati, Ohio (1987).

Fan Guest of Honor (w/Dick): ArmadilloCon 17 (Austin TX, 1995); Windycon 22 (Schaumburg IL, 1995); First Contact 5 (Milwaukee WI, 1998); ConQuesT 31 (Kansas City MO, 2000).
Fan Guest of Honor (solo): ConFusion XX (Romulus Mi, 1994).

Chair: AutoClave (Detroit, 1978); Ann Arbor Science Fiction & Fantasy Fair (1982).
Co-Chair: Wondaycon (Detroit, 1975); AutoClave (Detroit, 1976-1977); ditto (1990, 2001); FanHistoriCon III at Midwestcon 46, Cincinnati, OH (1995); FanHistoriCon XI (2001).

Convention Committees: AutoClave; MidAmeriCon; ConFusion; Chicon IV; ConStellation; L.A.con II; LoneStarCon (NASFiC, 1985) and LoneStarCon II (Worldcon, 1997); Relaxacon (Northbrook IL); ConFiction; ditto; Chicon 2000 (various dept. heads and staff positions, including programming, daily newszine, guest liaison, masquerade, publicity program, restaurant guide, security.)
Worldcon Bid Committees: Detroit in '82 (ca. 1977-1980) - only person to have been on all three (unsuccessful) versions; Australia in '99.

DUFF Winner 1993.

Hugo Award nominee: Best Fanzine, for STET (1993, 1994, 2001).

Fanzines: OMEKRONICLE (Oak Park H.S. S.F. Club), IMP, SFOHA Newsletter, INSUFFICIENT FUNDS, TANSTAAFL, UNCLE DICK'S, SPIRITS IN THE NIGHT, STET (1990-present), SPIRITS OF THINGS PAST; plus innumerable miscellaneous apazines and oneshots and assorted letters, articles, columns, poems and drawings in other people's fanzines., most prolifically during the mid- to late-'70s.

Clubs and organizations, past and present: Wayne Third Foundation, N3F, Stilyagi Air Corps, SFOHA, Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association, Thursday, CFG, Fannish Educational Network, Timebinders, SFWA.

APAs: APA-50, MISHAP, AZAPA, RAPS, ApaCorps, FLAP, ANZAPA, The Secret Garden, FHAPA.

Herbangelist High Priestess of the Midwest.
Hoagie Award, 1983.

Photo by Chaz Baden, Aug. 2003
Data: Aug. 2014

Rev. 26-Aug-2014

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