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[Garth Spencer] Garth Spencer [high-res photo]

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Fan editor.

CUFF Delegate, 1999.

Con Committees: Several VCons through the late 1980s to the present; V-Con 19/Westercon 44 (Vancouver, 1991); worked on a couple of Orycon fanzine rooms (the second being 2002)

Canadian SF & Fantasy Award aka Aurora Award 1986 for fanzine editing (THE MAPLE LEAF RAG) and dedication to Canadian fandom; Aurora Award 2006, for THE ROYAL SWISS NAVY GAZETTE.

Editor, FTA/PHOENIX, for the SF Assoc. of Victoria (1980s); Editor, BCSFAzine, for the B.C. SF Assoc. (2000 - present).

Fanzines: THE MAPLE LEAF RAG (1983-1987), my stab at doing a Canadian national newszine; bimonthly (in effect, people take turns).
THE ROYAL SWISS NAVY GAZETTE (previous titles: SERCON POPCULT LITCRIT FANMAG, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARTH, SCUTTLEBUTT), my irregular personalzine; intended to be quarterly, worked out to be biennial (biannual? twice a year, anyway).
CAUSE CELEBRE (1985), a one-shot companion to MLR, detailing the early history of the Canadian SF & Fantasy Awards.
CONFABULATION (2001), my attempt at a faanfiction anthology (available online from

Other fanac: Compulsive essay-writing, e.g. making up your own country, how language is used in SF, crank theories and conspiracy theories.
An abortive phase of cartooning.
A few ventures toward costuming.
Chapbooks on various subjects, ranging from cons and zines to Canadian SF markets.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2002
Data: Aug. 2013

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