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NY Area, formerly of South Florida
Fanzine fan, convention fan, club fan, filker

FGoH (with Joe Siclari): Minicon 31 (1996); DeepSouthCon 34/Beachcon (1996, Jekyll Island GA).

Con Committees: Magicon (Prog. Div.); Noreascon 4; Most of Tropicons 1-19, chair of Tropicon 7 (1988); SMOFcon 19, chair of another SMOFcon.
Co-Chair: FanHistoriCon X at Tropicon 19, Florida (2000).

Clubs/Offices: Chairman, SFSFS for several years; Literary Discussion Group, SFSFS - many years; Filk committee, SFSFS - many years

Fanzines: co-editor SFSFS Shuttle, several years; co-editor, Shadow of a Fan; co-editor, Noreascon 4 Progress Reports.

Fellow of NESFA, 2012.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Sep. 2004
Data: Aug. 2014

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See also: Siclari, Joe
See also: Siclari, Joe, & Stern, Edie

Also on file: Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1999