Fan Gallery Contents: Jon Stopa

[Jon Stopa, photo by Chaz Boston Baden] Jon Stopa [high-res photo]

Wilmot, WI
Convention fan, occasional pro author, publisher

FGoH (with Joni): ConClave 6 (1981); Chicon V (1991).

Con Committees: Publications for ChiCon III.

Numerous Masquerade awards in the 1960s with Joni.

Other fanac: For 39 years has run Wilcons on the 4th of July Weekend, a combination picnic and house party, that for 30 years was 3 days long and had as many as 150 attendees from as far away as New York and Boston.

Publisher, Advent Publishers.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Mar. 2002
Data: Aug. 2003

Rev. 13-Aug-2007