Fan Gallery Contents: Lars-Olov Strandberg

[photo by Vincent Docherty, 2002?] Lars-Olov Strandberg [high-res photo]

Convention fan.

GoH: Interaction (Worldcon 2005).

Awards: The Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Award, 1999.

A very active convention fan, Lars-Olov served as treasurer for most Stockholm conventions, starting with the 1965 Stockon, and continuing throughout the decades of the 1970s and 1980s.

He became known internationally from his travels to Worldcons, British Eastercons, and continental European SF conventions.

Lars-Olov was one of the founders of the Scandinavian SF Association (SFSF), and served on the organization's board of directors for decades afterward. He also served as chairman of the Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Foundation after it came into being in the late 1970s.

"Sweden's combination of E. E. Evans, Howard DeVore, and Forry Ackerman: a soft-spoken, self-effacing man whose devotion without any doubt guaranteed the survival of the SFSF." (John-Henri Holmberg)

First contact with fandom: 1956.

Photo by Vincent Docherty, 2002?
Data: July 2009

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