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("Hal Clement" - "George Richard")

May 30, 1922 - Oct. 29, 2003

Boston MA area (Milton MA)
Club fan, artist, filthy pro known for hard sf.

FGoH: Sunuvacon 1 (1984, Laconia NH); Worldcon 1989 (as part of The Stranger Club); Lunacon 1991; ArmadilloCon 21 (1999). Was also FGoH at Hexacon (Lancaster PA, 1980s) and NotJustAnotherCon 2 (1986) where "Hal Clement" was Pro GoH and "George Richard" was Artist GoH.
Has also been GoH or Special Guest as "Hal Clement" at a number of other conventions, including Boskone 1 (1965), Lunacon 1965, BASH 4-6 (1981-'83), CactusCon (1987 NASFiC) and Noreascon 3 (1991 Worldcon), and four Balticons.

"Harry was Treasurer of the first Noreascon -- until he was nominated for a Hugo, at which point he was ruthlessly removed from the committee (over his protests) so that "Starlight" could remain on the ballot. He worked Registration instead."

"Skylark" (E.E. Smith Memorial Award), 1969, 1997.
First Fandom Hall of Fame, 1997.
Voted "Grandfather of NESFA" in the early '80s.
His dog Pepper was declared an Official Cat for NESFA purposes.
Fellow of NESFA, 1976.

"Harry once said he had learned to fly before he learned to drive. After the war he was taking driving lessons in one of the dual control cars where the instructor also has a brake pedal. The car in front stopped abruptly and Harry's natural instinct was to step on the gas and pull back on the wheel to fly over it. Luckily, the instructor stopped the car."

Photo by Stan Burns, Aug. 1999. Quotes from Ann Broomhead and Tony Lewis.
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