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L.A. Fan living in Seattle WA

FGoH: Capricon 11 (1991), Norwescon 14 (1991).

Con Committees: MagiCon Vice Chairman, Chicon 2000 Assoc. Chairman; various departments including Info Desk, Fan Tables, Con Office, Exhibits, Registration, Art Show, Publications, Ops, and Green Room at various regional cons and Worldcons. First convention: MidAmericon, 1976.

Clubs/Offices: Northwest Science Fiction Society: Founding Member and Officer, 1976-1978. Orlando Area Science Fiction Society: Founding Member and President, mid-1980's. Lifetime Member of Northwest Science Fiction Society.

Fanzines: BCSFiZine Clubzine Editor, BCAPA, and VanAPA in late 1970's.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Nov. 1999
Data: Jan. 2002

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