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("Friendly Pine Tree")

Los Angeles CA area

FGoH: Icon 21 (1993), Demicon 12 (2001), ConQuesT 42 (2011), Capricon 34 (2014).
TM: DemiCon 15-18-23 (2004-'12), Animé Los Angeles 1-11 (2005-2015), BayCon 2010.

Chair: Loscon 29 (2002).

Con Committees: Icon, Demicon, Minicon, Convergence, La-La-Con, Gallifrey One, ConFurence, Loscon (various years).

Evans-Freehafer Award: 2001 (LASFS).

Clubs: LASFS (Auctioneer, Hall Decorations Manager, etc.); SFLIS (Science Fiction League of Iowa Students); DMSF (Des Moines Science Fiction club); Dr. Who Fan Club of America; Overdressers Anonymous (West Coast President)

Fanzines: Wrote a couple of articles for FILE 770.

Other fanac: Named Fannish Ambassador for the Midwest.

Photo by Shawn Crosby Aug. 2001
Data: Aug. 2014

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