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[Tompkins, Suzanne] Suzanne Tompkins [high-res photo]

(aka "Suzle")

Seattle WA
Fanzine fan.

FGoH: Balticon, Minicon 26 (1991), V-Con 19/Westercon 44 (1991).
Special Guest: Boskone 34 (1997).

Con Committees: Potlatches in Seattle, Corflu 5 (1988), Corflatch (Corflu 17, 2000). Co-Chair: Potlatch 19 (2010).

Nominated for Fanzine Hugo, 1977, 1991.
TAFF winner, 2005.

Clubs/organizations: WPSFA (Pittsburgh), founding member. Past President of fwa, 1984.

FAAn Award for Best Fanzine, Single Issue (Spanish Inquisition 7/8), 1977.

Suzanne, aka Suzle (a childhood nickname from her brother), first became aware of SF fandom while attending NyCon3 in 1967. Since then she has co-published four fanzines (two of which, The Spanish Inquisition and Mainstream, with long-time-companion-turned-husband, Jerry Kaufman, were nominated for a Hugo); helped found an SF club (WPSFA in Pittsburgh); helped run numerous SF cons (most recently the Seattle Potlatches); and has made many life-long friends through SF fandom (you know who you are...). Residing in Seattle since 1978, she works for herself as an association manager and meeting planner.

Photo by Jean Weber, Feb. 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

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