Fan Gallery Contents: Leslie Turek, F.N.

[Leslie Turek photo by Nancy Atherton, May 2002] Leslie Turek, F.N. [high-res photo]

Boston area (Watertown) MA
Convention fan, club fan, fan editor.

GoH: Sasquan (2015 Worldcon).
FGoH: Lastcon Too (Albany, 1982); Tropicon VIII (1989); Rivercon XVI (Louisville, 1991).

Chair: Noreascon II (1980 Worldcon, Boston); Boskone 6 (1969).

Art Show Director, Boskone X-XII (1973-1975); Masquerade Team, Iguanacon II (1978 Worldcon); Art Show Team, Lone Star Con 1 (1985 NASFiC); Chairman's Staff, Noreascon III (1989 Worldcon).

Fanzine Hugo for "THE MAD 3 PARTY" (1990).
Nominated for Fan Writer Hugo, 1988 and 1990.

Fellow of NESFA, 1976.

Founding and current member of the New England Science Fiction Society (NESFA).
Past member MIT Science Fiction Society (MITSFS).
Past member WSFS Mark Registration and Protection Committee.

Co-editor of "THE TWILIGHT ZINE" (journal of the MIT Science Fiction Society), 1966-'67.
Editor of "THE MAD 3 PARTY" (planning 'zine for Noreascon 3), 1987-'89.

Editor "The Noreascon I Proceedings", 1976.
Editor "If I Ran the Zoo... Con", the Smofcon 3 game, 1987 (originated the term "people points").

First contact with fandom: 1964.

Photo by Nancy Atherton, May 2002.
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