Fan Gallery Contents: Shelby Vick

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Springfield, FL (near Panama City and Lynn Haven)

Fanzine fan.

Con Committees: Lynnhavention, Corflu Sunsplash.

Clubs/organizations: Over the years, N3F, FAPA, Wirez, SAPA.

Past president fwa, 1998.

Rebel Award 2012.

Fanzines: COMET, CONFUSION, and other forgettables in between.

Organized (if you can call it that) the Willis Campaign which led to TAFF and other fan fundraising programs.

Contributed to Lee Hoffman's QUANDRY and was the one to introduce Leeh to Bob Tucker when he (and most everyone else) thought she was a boy.

Photo provided by Shelby Vick, 2002
Data: July 2014
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