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[Taral Wayne photo provided by Taral Wayne, 2001] Taral Wayne [high-res photo]

Toronto Ontario Canada

Artist, writer, zine editor, fnz collector, apa-hack, club exec, convention organizer.

Fan GoH: Anticipation (2009 Worldcon).
GoH Ditto 8 in Seattle 1995; Toastmaster Corflu 4 Cincinatti 1987; GoH Confurence 3 in LA 1992; Special Guest Ad Astra 8 Toronto 1988; Artist GoH at Wilfcon VII, Waterloo 1991.

Co-Founder and chair of Torques 1 through 4, 1980 to 1985; Founder of Ditto and chair of Ditto 1, 1988; Chair of Fan Fair III, 1975.
Con-Com member of other Toronto cons in 70's.

CUFF Winner to Keycon 5/Canvention 8 Winnipeg 1988.
Ran for DUFF (1985+) and TAFF (1985) -- lost both times.

6 time Hugo nominee for Best Fan Artist (1987-1990, 2000-2001), no wins.
Rotsler Award, 2008.

Ontario SF Club (OSFiC): President, 1974; Secretary (newszine editor), 1974-'75.

Fanzines: SYNPASE (OSFic newszine); DELTA PSI (pretentious one-shot genzine); DNQ (newszine with Victoria Vayne); RED SHIFT (FAPA/genzine) TORONTO THE GHOOD; NEW TOY; STATE OF THE ART (apa/artzine). Belonged at various times to FAPA, AZAPA, OASIS, ROWRBRAZZLE, VOOTIE and others.

Other fanac: Fan art, amounting to hundreds of fillers and covers over the years. Fanwriter, writing for not only most of the content of my own zines but numerous articles, trip reports, reviews, and even yes, *sigh*, fanfic.
Lottsa locs back in the 70's and 80's.

Photo by Taral Wayne, 2001
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