Fan Gallery Contents: Chris Weber & Karen Willson

Picture of Chris, Weber and Karen Willson photo Chris Weber & Karen Willson

Filker, filthy pro.

Filk GoH: CopperCon 16 (1996).
Music Guest (Karen): LepreCon 29 (2003).

Con Committees (Karen): L.A.con III, Children's Programming.

"CHRIS WEBER is a comic book and Young Adult fiction writer, as well as an avid SF fan and filksong writer."

"KAREN WILLSON is creator, publisher and editor of A Girl's World Online Clubhouse,, the busiest site for young women in the world. Her extensive background in the entertainment world includes writing, producing and helping manage a wide range of projects for children and adults. With her writing partner, husband Chris Weber, she has scripted more than 50 children's television episodes. She also created and produced the "edutainment", the Adventurer's Club for the 1996 Worldcon, and again at the 200th anniversary festival for Mission San Luis Rey."

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002
Data: Aug. 2003

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