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Los Angeles CA area
Fanzine fan, hoaxer.

FGoH: Archon 18 (1994).

Received special award at the 1991 Worldcon: a Hogu -- the base from the regular Hugo award appropriately charred.

Chair: MexiCon (Guadalajara, 1975).
Concom: helped with many departments, including at several Archons, and early Loscons and Westercons; bidcoms for Worldcons in 80's. Worked on a lot of daily newsletters more than anything else. And a lot of unofficial activities as well.
Staged many hoaxes with Mike Glyer. In 1972 they started the Hogu Ranquet at LAcon.

Clubs: "Friends of Klingon" (circa 1974), ran several parties. LASFS, St. Louis SF Society.
Past president, Mexican SF Society.
Bid: "Terminus Con in 23309" (a competing bid to "Trantor Con") in 1980's.
Started "Fecund Fandom," a cryogenic sperm storage bank for fans.
Started an entire hoax fandom in Cleveland, complete with an apa (CLAAP).
Sold LASFS Land Deeds, with cubic inches of dirt from LASFS property.
Founder, SCAMS, Inc., a Fannish Ripoff Agency.
Founded the Church of Herbangelism, the 4th major fannish religion (right after the churches of Ghu, Foofoo, and Roscoe).

APAs: APA-L (1970's/80's), OE: APA-H (1972-1986), OE Herbapa (1970's), CULT (1973-2002), TAPS (1973-1974).
Pubbed SFINCTOR (1970's, newszine); DANGEROUS CRUDZINES (1970's, perszine); FILLOSTRATED FAN FICTIONARY (1975); CATENARY TALES (1982, St. Louis clubzine); WEINSTEIN & GLYER'S DISCOUNT HOAXARAMA (1986, general hoax materials and humor); AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSCAMOLOGY (1990's); THE HOLY BABBLE (1998, Church of Herbangelism material); DEVONIAN IMPERIAL LIBRARY (D&D zine).
Contributed dozens of articles for various fanzines, 1970's through 1990's.

Published FOR THIS YOU DIE!, a fannish board game.
Created Fannish Heiroglyphic Font (Mac), 1990's.

First year of contact with fandom: ca. 1970-'71.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1997
Data: Nov. 2003

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