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York, England
Fanzine/APA fan, convention fan

Fan GoH: Illumination (1992 Eastercon), Blackpool, England.

Con committees: Mexicon 2 (1986); Fan room team, Conspiracy (1987 Worldcon); Novacon 19 (1989); Attitude: the Convention (1997).

Awards & Honors: TAFF Winner (1991).

Nova award winner for Attitude: the Fanzine (1995).
Hugo award nominee for Attitude: the Fanzine (1996 & 1998).

Fanzines: NUTZ (7 issues), 1983-88. STRUMPET, 1986. PULP (issues 1-4), with Avedon Carol, Vince Clarke and Rob Hansen, 1986-87. SIX SHOOTER, with Jeanne Gomoll and Linda Krawecke, 1987. SISTERS, with Lucy Huntzinger and Jeanne Gomoll, 1991. ATTITUDE: THE FANZINE (12 issues), with Michael Abbott and John Dallman, 1994-97.

APAs: Various, including The Women's Periodical, Frank's APA, SLAPA, Get Stuffed, Quinsy, Apa of the Damned, Blue Hotel.

Photo by Success Photography, Jul. 2001
Data: May 2002

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