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[photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002] Peter Weston, F.N. [Print] [high-res photo]

Sutton Coldfield, England
Fan writer, convention fan, club fan, fan editor, SF reader (still!), fanhistorian.

FGoH: Tynecon (British Eastercon, 1974); Helicon 2 (2002 Eastercon); Noreascon 4 (2004). Special Guest: Boskone 37 (2000).

Chairman, Eastercon 22 (British national con, 1971); Chairman, Seacon 79 (37th Worldcon, Brighton, England).

TAFF winner, 1974 (to Discon)

Doc Weir Award, 1975.

Nova Award, 1973, for fanzine SPECULATION; Europa Award, 1973, for fanzine SPECULATION. SPECULATION was nominated 5 times for a Hugo for best fanzine.
Nova Award for Best Fanzine, 2007-'08 (Prolapse); FAAn Award for Best Fanzine (Prolapse), 2008.

Fellow of NESFA, 2010.

Co-founder & Chairman, Birmingham SF Group (BSFG), 1971; Chairman, BSFG, 1983.
Organised the SPECULATION series of conferences, 1970-71-72; Originator, Novacon (second British convention series).

Fanzines: ZENITH, 1963, re-titled to SPECULATION, 1967-1973; NEXUS, 1964-65; PROLAPSE, 1983.
Wrote "Slice of Life" column for MAYA, 1975-78.

Produced the 'Hugo' rockets for Worldcons since 1984.
Edited ANDROMEDA series of original anthologies, 1975-77.
Contributing photographer for the Fan Gallery.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Feb. 2002
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