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Falls Church VA

Fan writer, Convention fan, Club fan, Fanzine archivist, Musician, Fan editor, Apahack, Letterhack, Fanhistorian, Worldcon Bidder, Collector, Reviewer. And, no doubt, yet more.

FGoH: Worldcon 1985.
GoH: Bubonicon 4 (1972); DeepSouthCon 18/ASFICon (1980, Atlanta); Corflu Blackjack (2004, Las Vegas).
Toastmaster: VCON 8 (1980).

Chair: Lunacon 11-13 (1968-'70), Noncon 1975. Co-chair: Worldcon 1967, Corflu 3 (1986), FanHistoriCon IX/50th/Midwestcon (1999).
Committee: Corflu NoVa 1994, Corflu Valentine 2002 committee-member, Corflu Quire (Corflu 24, 2007).

Fan Writer Hugo 1968, FAAn Award for Best Fanzine (BLAT!), 1995; FAAn Award for Best Fan Writer, 1999; FAAn Lifetime Achievement Award, 2010.

President, Washington Science Fiction Ass'n (WSFA), 1955. Member of WSFA 1954-; member New York Futurians 1959-60; founding member and host of NYC Fanoclasts 1960-70; member NYC Lunarians 1965-70; host of Falls Church Second Fridays 1992-present.
Past President of fwa, 1980.

Fanzines: (in chronological order, starting in 1953) ZIP, NULL-F, STELLAR, GAMBIT, VOID, MINAC, EGOBOO, PONG, EGOSCAN, CRANK, SPUNG, BLAT!, SPAM. And others.

Other Fanac: Edited the last prozines (AMAZING and FANTASTIC) to offer gateways into fandom via editorials, fanzine reviews, lettercols -- and the serialization of "The Enchanted Duplicator."

Photo by Bruce Pelz, Sep 2001
Data: Aug. 2014

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