Fan Gallery Contents: Eva Whitley

Eva Whitley

Uniontown, MD (Baltimore area)
Convention fan

FGoH: Balticon 17 (1983); Balticon 21 (1987); NorWesCon 22 (1999).

Chair: Disclave 1982, 1990.
Vice Chair: Balticon 38 (2004).

Con Committees: Paracon, Disclave, Datclone, Noreascon 3, Balticon, Con José, Aussiecon 2, ConStellation (Worldcon), Confederation, Milly Philly, Nolacon, L.A.con III, Lone Star Con, and the Bid committee for Bucky.

Clubs/organizations: PSSFS (Penn State Science Fiction Society), WSFA (1978-1993), BSFS (1993-to present).

Fanzines: CONVENTIONAL FANZINE, 2 issues, 1979.
APAs: APA-69, Golden APA.

"Possibly the only person in fandom to meet spouse by making him Guest of Honor (Jack L. Chalker, GOH, Paracon, 1978)."

First contact with fandom: 1977.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2003
Data: Aug. 2014

See also: Chalker, Jack L.

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