Fan Gallery Contents: Art Widner

[photo by Jean Weber, Feb. 2002] Art Widner [high-res photo]

Gualala, CA
Fanzine publisher, writer, con participant.

FGoH: Boskone IV (1945, pre-NESFA); Noreascon 3 (Worldcon, 1989); Westercon 43, 1990; Norwescon 6 (1983); Baycon twice; Corflu, 1999.
Special Guest: Minicon 25 (1990).

Chair: Boskone I-II (1941-1942, pre-NESFA).

DUFF winner, 1991.

Big Heart Award, 1989.
First Fandom Hall of Fame, 1992.
FAAn Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011.

Founder and Director of The Stranger Club, first fan club in Boston MA area.

Fanzines: FANFARE, 10 issues [1940-1943]; YHOS (FAPA) 1-13 [1940-1945], 14-58 [1979-2001]; QUARO (SAPS) 1-35 [1985-2002].
Memorial FANFARE 11 pub by NESFA, 1989.
Misc apazines, oneshots etc: EONEO, RIBALD, WEB 1-43, TRUST ME.
Total Bodacious Publications to date, 164.

Invented first sf board game, INTERPLANETARY, 1943.
For writing biblio, see Westercon 43 program book.
First long distance con carpool: Boston to Denver for Denvention I, 1941. (Doesn't sound like a big deal now, but it was then.)

Past President of fwa, 2000.

Photo by Jean Weber, Feb. 2002
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