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[photo by Mark Olson, Dec. 1997] Sally Woehrle [Print] [high-res photo]

Seattle WA
Convention fan.

Fan Guest of Honor: Rustycon 31 (2014).

Chair: Westercon 50 (1997), two Anglicons, Sasquan (2015 Worldcon).
Vice-chair: Westercon 46 (1993), Smofcon in Seattle.

Committees: Anglicon (founding member), Westercons (52, 54, 56), Intersection, Bucconeer, ConComCon, Norwescon, Dreamcon.
Bidcom: Seattle Worldcon in 2002; Seattle NASFiC in 2005 Hotel Liaison.

Director: SWOC (Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee) since 1992. Former and current chair.

Photo by Mark Olson, Dec. 1997
Data: July 2014

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