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Kate Yule

Portland OR

Convention fan, fanzine fan

Crowned Queen of the Prom at the End of the Universe at Orycon '95.

Worked Orycons and possibly a couple of Portland Westercons, as committee or staff. Favorite job: assembling Restaurant Guides. Began the tradition of Cereal and Cartoons at Orycon by stealing it from another con's PR.

Member of PorSFiS (Portland Science Fiction Society) ca. 1984-1996, Treasurer (1986), President (1990).

Fanzines: Main fannish cred is BENTO, published with David Levine since 1989, roughly once a year. One-shots: STUFF AND NONSENSE, a progress report. for our wedding in 1991; and MOOSE NEXT 3000 MILES, re my 6-week solo road trip in 2000, published as an "Ace Double" with David's Clarion report for the same period.
APAs: Former member of TAPS, Mixed Company, and BWA.

Contributes handknit objects to auctions at Wiscon and Foolscap, ranging from lace shawls to ravioli. (Yes, hand-knit mushroom ravioli with a tomato-parsley sauce.)

First contact with fandom: 1984.

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Aug. 2003
Data: July 2004

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