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1933 - 2005

Pasadena CA
Artist, convention fan, club fan

Con Committees: Early Mythcons (program books and publicity).

Clubs/organizations: LASFS member since approximately 1956-57. Original vice president of the Mythopoeic Society, late '60s - early '70s. Founder & president of the Tolkien Fellowships, 1977-82.

Fanzines: First associate editor & art editor of MYTHLORE, the Mythopoeic Society's journal (more of a fanzine in the beginning), w/ art contributions. Editor & publisher of THE WESTMARCH CHRONICLE, newsletter of the Tolkien Fellowships (1977-82), w/ art contributions. Contributed artwork & occasional articles to APA-L, SHANGRI-L'AFFAIRES (Shaggy), early issues of LOCUS (before it turned into a semi-prozine), BUTTERBUR'S WOODSHED (a Mythopoeic apa), miscellaneous other fanzines.

Other fanac: Exhibited in Westercon, Worldcon, Mythcon art shows. A few sales & awards.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1999
Data: July 2008

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