Fan Gallery Contents: Kees van Toorn

[Kees van Toorn] Kees van Toorn [high-res photo]

Rotterdam, Netherlands
fan, publisher, translator.

FGOH: HillCon (Rotterdam, 1991).

Chair, ConFiction 1990 Worldcon in the Hague.
Con Committees: several in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, US and Canada.

Eurocon Award for ORBIT, semi pro magazine he published from 1977 - 1989.
Eurocon Award in Krakau for fanrelations and several awards for the effort to bring fans from Across the world together through ConFiction.


Fanzines: none at the moment, used to be in Apa-L.

First contact with fandom: 1966.

Photo by Vincent Docherty, Nov. 2002
Data: Nov. 2002

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