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Photos in the Fan Gallery include: (482 photos)

  1. *Worldcon Chairs (1997) LoneStarCon 2 [picture of photo available]
  2. *Worldcon Chairs (1998) BucConeer [photo available]
  3. *Worldcon Chairs (2000) Chicon VI
  4. *Worldcon Chairs (2001) Millennium Philcon [photo available]
  5. *Worldcon Chairs (2002) Con José [photo available]
  6. *Worldcon Chairs (2003) Torcon 3 [photo available]
  7. *Worldcon Chairs (2004) Noreascon 4 [photo available]
  8. *Worldcon Chairs (2005) Interaction [picture of photo available]
  9. *Worldcon Chairs (2006) L.A.con IV [photo available]
  10. *Worldcon Chairs (2007) Nippon 2007 [photo available]
  11. *Worldcon Chairs (2008) Denvention 3 [picture of photo available]
  12. *Worldcon Chairs (2009) Anticipation [photo available]
  13. *Worldcon Chairs (2010) Aussiecon 4 [photo available]
  14. *Worldcon Chairs (2011) Renovation [photo available]
  15. *Worldcon Chairs (2012) Chicon 7 [photo available]
  16. *Worldcon Chairs (2013) LoneStarCon 3 [photo available]
  17. Michael Abbott [picture of photo available]
  18. Brett Achorn [picture of photo available]
  19. Forrest J Ackerman FGoH: PacifiCon II (1964 Worldcon/Westercon), Hugo: 1953 #1 Fan Personality. Retro Hugo Award for Fan Writer, 1946; Retro Hugo Award for Fanzine (Voice of the Imagi-nation), 1946. (deceased) [photo available]
  20. *Andrew A. Adams [photo available]
  21. Johanna Ahonen
  22. Heather Alexander [photo available]
  23. Claire Anderson, F.N.& [picture of photo available]
  24. Claire & Dave Anderson, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  25. *Dave Anderson, F.N.& [picture of photo available]
  26. Janet Wilson Anderson [photo available]
  27. *Karen Anderson [picture of photo available]
  28. Bobbi Armbruster [photo available]
  29. *Ted Atwood, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  30. Alicia Austin Honored Guest: ConFrancisco (1993 Worldcon). Fan Artist Hugo 1971. [picture of photo available]
  31. James Bacon TAFF 2004 winner. Hugo Award for Fanzine (The Drunk Tank), 2011. [picture of photo available]
  32. Chaz Boston Baden [picture of photo available]
  33. *Lenny Bailes [picture of photo available]
  34. Don Bailey [picture of photo available]
  35. John Bangsund TM: Worldcon 33, Aussiecon One (1975). [picture of photo available]
  36. Kurt Baty [photo available]
  37. Zara Baxter NAFF (National Australian Fan Fund) Delegate, 2005.
  38. Covert Beach [picture of photo available]
  39. Ray E. Beam [photo available]
  40. Tom Becker [photo available]
  41. *Judy Bemis [photo available]
  42. Gregory Benford [picture of photo available]
  43. Jim Benford
  44. Ron Bennett British TAFF delegate to 1958 Los Angeles SolaCon. [photo available]
  45. Alice Bentley [photo available]
  46. Michael R. Bernstein [photo available]
  47. *John Berry ("Irish John Berry", "Goon Bleary") Fan GoH: Detention (1959 Worldcon), attended via a special fan fund. [photo available]
  48. John D. Berry DUFF Winner 1989. [picture of photo available]
  49. Jack Beslanwitch [photo available]
  50. Kent Bloom Chair: Denvention 3 (2008 Worldcon). [photo available]
  51. *John Boardman [picture of photo available]
  52. Stephen Boucher [photo available]
  53. Robbie Bourget (Robbie Cantor) DUFF Co-Winner (w/ Marty Cantor): 1985 Chair: Anticipation (2009 Worldcon). [photo available]
  54. Velma Bowen "Vijay" TAFF 1999 winner, went to Reconvene, the 1999 Eastercon. [photo available]
  55. Bill Bowers TAFF winner 1976 (eastbound). Fan GoH: IguanaCon II (1978 Worldcon) (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  56. Jeanne Bowman TAFF 1992 (eastbound). [picture of photo available]
  57. Bridget Bradshaw TAFF 2006 (westbound). [picture of photo available]
  58. Richard Brandt [picture of photo available]
  59. *Margo Bratton (Judith L.) [picture of photo available]
  60. Seth Breidbart [picture of photo available]
  61. Claire Brialey Hugo Award for best fan writer: 2011. [photo available]
  62. James M. Briggs [photo available]
  63. *Ann Broomhead & Tim Szczesuil [photo available]
  64. *Ann Broomhead, F.N.& (Ann McCutchen) [picture of photo available]
  65. *Charles N. Brown GoH: Renovation (2011 Worldcon). Awards: Hugo Award for Fanzine/Amateur Magazine (Locus), 1971, 1972, 1976, 1978, 1980-'83; Hugo Award for Semiprozine (Locus), 1984-'92, 1996-2004, 2006-'08. (deceased) [photo available]
  66. *Jordan Brown& [picture of photo available]
  67. *Jordan & Kimberlee Brown [photo available]
  68. Kimberlee Marks Brown& [picture of photo available]
  69. Nate Bucklin [picture of photo available]
  70. *Warren Buff Chair: Reconstruction (2010 NASFiC).
  71. Bill Burns [picture of photo available]
  72. Stan Burns ("Staniel") [photo available]
  73. Elinor Busby Fanzine Hugo, 1960, for CRY OF THE NAMELESS. [photo available]
  74. F.M. Busby ("Buz") IguanaCon II (1978 Worldcon). Hugo Award for CRY OF THE NAMELESS, 1960. (deceased) [photo available]
  75. *Linda Bushyager& [photo available]
  76. Ron Bushyager& [photo available]
  77. *Ron & Linda Bushyager [photo available]
  78. Randy Byers TAFF delegate, 2003. Hugo Award for Fanzine (Science Fiction Five-yearly), 2007. [picture of photo available]
  79. *Steven Cain & Alison Scott [photo available]
  80. K.I.M. Campbell (deceased) [photo available]
  81. Grant Canfield [picture of photo available]
  82. *Dave Cantor, F.N. [photo available]
  83. Marty Cantor DUFF Winner 1985 (w/ Robbie Cantor) [photo available]
  84. *Elisabeth Carey, F.N. [photo available]
  85. *Avedon Carol TAFF winner 1983. [photo available]
  86. Norman Cates DUFF Winner 2004. [picture of photo available]
  87. *Jack L. Chalker & Eva Whitley TM: 1983 Worldcon Co-chair: 1974 Worldcon. [photo available]
  88. Jack L. Chalker TM: 1983 Worldcon Vice chair: 1974 Worldcon. (deceased) [photo available]
  89. Ross Chamberlain [photo available]
  90. Louis Russell Chauvenet Worldcon FGoH 1989 (The Stranger Club). (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  91. Sandra Childress [photo available]
  92. Michael Citrak [picture of photo available]
  93. *David W. Clark Chair: Con Francisco (1993 Worldcon) [photo available]
  94. Vincent Clarke "Vin¢" TAFF Winner 1954 (westbound). Fan GoH: Intersection (1995 Worldcon). (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  95. *Dave Clement "Decadent Dave Clement" [photo available]
  96. *Nancy Cobb & Kurt C. Siegel
  97. Nancy Cobb [picture of photo available]
  98. Sandy Cohen [picture of photo available]
  99. *Esther Cole ("Es") [picture of photo available]
  100. Lester Cole ("Les") Co-Chair: SFCon (Worldcon 12, 1954). [picture of photo available]
  101. Earl Cooley III [picture of photo available]
  102. *Karen Cooper [picture of photo available]
  103. Steve Cooper
  104. Juanita Coulson Fan GoH: L.A.Con I (1972 Worldcon), Reconstruction (2010 NASFiC). Hugo Award for Fanzine (Yandro), 1965. [picture of photo available]
  105. Arthur Jean Cox [picture of photo available]
  106. Tammy Coxen Chair: Detcon1 (2014 NASFiC).
  107. Chuck Crayne Co-Chair: LACon (1972). Chair: NASFiC (1975) [photo available]
  108. John Dallman [picture of photo available]
  109. *Joni & Todd Dashoff Millennium Philcon-59th World Science Fiction Convention (Todd, Chair) [photo available]
  110. Joni Brill Dashoff& [photo available]
  111. Todd Dashoff& Millennium Philcon-59th World Science Fiction Convention (Chair) [photo available]
  112. Kathryn Daugherty [picture of photo available]
  113. Walt Daugherty Chair: Pacificon I (1946 Worldcon) Fan GoH: Baycon (1968 Worldcon/Westercon) (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  114. *Steve Davies & Giulia De Cesare [photo available]
  115. Steve Davies& Hugo for Best Fanzine (PLOKTA), 2005, 2006. [photo available]
  116. Sue Dawe [picture of photo available]
  117. Genny Dazzo & Craig Miller Chair (Craig): Co-Chair (Craig): L.A.Con II (Worldcon 1984). [photo available]
  118. Genny Dazzo& [photo available]
  119. Gay Ellen Dennett, F.N. [photo available]
  120. *Howard DeVore "Big Hearted Howard" FGoH: L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon). Co-Chair: Tricon, 1966 Worldcon, in Cleveland. (deceased) [photo available]
  121. Giulia De Cesare& [photo available]
  122. Tom Digby Honored Guest: ConFrancisco (Worldcon 51, 1993). [picture of photo available]
  123. Vincent Docherty (Vince) Convention Chair/Co-Chair: Intersection (Worldcon 1995); Interaction (Worldcon 2005) [photo available]
  124. Bill Donaho Worldcon/Westercon co-chair 1968. (deceased) [photo available]
  125. Michael Donahue (Mike) [photo available]
  126. *Ira Donewitz [picture of photo available]
  127. Terry Dowling DUFF Winner 1988.
  128. Fred Duarte, Jr. [photo available]
  129. Bobbie DuFault Chair: Cascadia Con, 2005 NASFiC in Seattle; Chair in Memoriam: Sasquan (2015 Worldcon). (deceased) [photo available]
  130. Craig Dyer
  131. David Dyer-Bennet ("DD-B") [photo available]
  132. Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet [picture of photo available]
  133. Martin Easterbrook Co-chair: Intersection (1995 Worldcon). [picture of photo available]
  134. Donald E. Eastlake III, F.N.& [photo available]
  135. *Don & Jill Eastlake [picture of photo available]
  136. Jill Eastlake, F.N.& [photo available]
  137. Lilian Edwards TAFF winner, 1988. [photo available]
  138. Alex Eisenstein& [picture of photo available]
  139. Phyills Eisenstein& [picture of photo available]
  140. Phyllis & Alex Eisenstein [picture of photo available]
  141. Bill Ellern [picture of photo available]
  142. Marjii Ellers (Marjorie Fleming Merritt Ellersieck) Fan GoH: CactusCon (1987 NASFiC) (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  143. David Emerson [picture of photo available]
  144. Dick Eney FGoH: L.A.con II (1984 Worldcon). (deceased) [photo available]
  145. Ahrvid Engholm [photo available]
  146. *Kurt Erichsen [photo available]
  147. Darrel L. Exline [photo available]
  148. Nic Farey
  149. Bruce Farr Chair: Cactuscon (1987 NASFiC) [picture of photo available]
  150. Moshe Feder [picture of photo available]
  151. Gary Keith Feldbaum [photo available]
  152. jan howard finder ("wombat") Honored Guest, ConFrancisco (1993 Worldcon). (deceased) [photo available]
  153. Leslie Fish [picture of photo available]
  154. Naomi Fisher DUFF 2001 winner. [photo available]
  155. Raymond Fisher ("Duggie") Co-chair of St. Louiscon, Worldcon, 1969. (deceased) [photo available]
  156. Don Fitch [picture of photo available]
  157. Ken Fletcher DUFF Winner (w/ Linda Lounsbury) 1979. [picture of photo available]
  158. *George Flynn, F.N. (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  159. Kaja Foglio& [photo available]
  160. *Kaja & Phil Foglio Hugo Award, Best Fan Artist. 1977 and 1978 [photo available]
  161. Phil Foglio& Hugo Award, Best Fan Artist. 1977 and 1978 [photo available]
  162. Richard Foss [picture of photo available]
  163. Brad W. Foster Artist GOH: Reconstruction (2010 NASFiC) GoH: Sasquan (2015 Worldcon). Fan Artist Hugo 1987-1989, 1992, 1994, 2008, 2010, 2011. [picture of photo available]
  164. Susan L. Fox-Davis [picture of photo available]
  165. *Steve Francis& DUFF 2008 winner. [picture of photo available]
  166. *Sue Francis& DUFF 2008 winner. [picture of photo available]
  167. Sue & Steve Francis DUFF 2008 winner. [photo available]
  168. Donald Franson (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  169. Alison Freebairn
  170. Pam Fremon, F.N. (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  171. Penny Frierson Co-Chair: ConFederation (Worldcon 44, Atlanta, 1986) [picture of photo available]
  172. Dean Gahlon [picture of photo available]
  173. Dave Gallaher [photo available]
  174. Bobby Gear (deceased) [photo available]
  175. Marty Gear (deceased) [photo available]
  176. *Deb Geisler, F.N. Chair: Noreascon Four (2004 Worldcon) [photo available]
  177. Janice Gelb North American DUFF Delegate to Aussiecon 3, 1999. [picture of photo available]
  178. Rick Gellman [picture of photo available]
  179. Bruce Gillespie FGoH: Aussiecon 3 (Worldcon 1999) [photo available]
  180. *Alexis Gilliland Hugos: Best Fan Artist (1980, 1983, 1984, 1985) [picture of photo available]
  181. *Glenn Glazer [picture of photo available]
  182. Mike Glicksohn Best Fanzine (Amateur Magazine) Hugo 1973, with Susan Wood Glicksohn (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  183. Diana Glyer& (Diana Pavlac) [picture of photo available]
  184. Mike Glyer& FGoH: Torcon III (2003 Worldcon) Chair: L.A.Con III (Worldcon 54, 1996). [photo available]
  185. Mike & Diana Glyer FGoH (Mike): Torcon III (2003 Worldcon) Hugo: Best Fan Writer (1984, 1985, 1988); Best Fanzine (1984, 1986, 1989). (Mike) Chair (Mike): L.A.Con III (Worldcon 54, 1996). [photo available]
  186. Barry Gold& [photo available]
  187. *Lee Gold& [photo available]
  188. *Lee & Barry Gold [photo available]
  189. Lynn Gold [photo available]
  190. Jeanne Gomoll TAFF Winner 1987. [picture of photo available]
  191. Victor Gonzalez Won TAFF, 2001 (and, sadly, very late on my trip report). [photo available]
  192. Dan Goodman [picture of photo available]
  193. Peter Grace [photo available]
  194. Ed Green [picture of photo available]
  195. Steve Green TAFF Winner 2009 (westbound). [photo available]
  196. Ian Gunn FFANZ Winner 1993. GUFF Winner 1995. Fan Artist Hugo, 1999. (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  197. Hal Haag (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  198. Jay Haldeman (Jack C. Haldeman II) Chair: Discon II (1974 Worldcon) (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  199. Rob Hansen TAFF Winner 1984 (westbound). [picture of photo available]
  200. John Harold [photo available]
  201. Colin Harris Co-chair of Interaction (2005 Worldcon). [photo available]
  202. Eve Harvey& GUFF Winner (Europe to Australia) 1985, for Aussiecon 2. [photo available]
  203. Eve & John Harvey Eve: GUFF Winner (Europe to Australia) 1985, for Aussiecon 2. [photo available]
  204. John Harvey& [photo available]
  205. *Teddy Harvia & Diana Thayer Best Fan Artist Hugo (1991, 1995, 2001) [picture of photo available]
  206. Teddy Harvia& (David Thayer) Best Fan Artist Hugo (1991, 1995, 2001, 2002). [photo available]
  207. James Hay [photo available]
  208. Jack Herman DUFF Winner 1984. [picture of photo available]
  209. John Hertz [photo available]
  210. Melanie Herz [photo available]
  211. Rusty Hevelin FGoH: Denvention Two (Worldcon 1981); DUFF Winner 1975. [picture of photo available]
  212. Lynn Hickman (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  213. Colin Hinz CUFF (Canadian Unity Fan Fund) Delegate, 2002. [photo available]
  214. Irwin Hirsh GUFF 1987 Winner.
  215. Irma Hirsjarvi NoFF (Nordic Fan Fund) winner, 2004, from Finland.
  216. *Chip Hitchcock, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  217. Arthur D. Hlavaty Guest of Honor: Detcon 1 (2014 NASFIC). [photo available]
  218. Martin Hoare [photo available]
  219. Lee Hoffman ("LeeH") GoH: Chicon IV (1982 Worldcon) TAFF winner, 1956 (eastbound). Hugo Award for Fanzine (Science Fiction Five-yearly), 2007. (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  220. Lucy Huntzinger DUFF Winner 1987. [photo available]
  221. Marcia Kelly Illingworth (nee Marcia McCoy) [photo available]
  222. Tim Illingworth [photo available]
  223. Hiroaki Inoue Chair: Worldcon Nippon 2007. [photo available]
  224. Charles Lee Jackson II [picture of photo available]
  225. Rob Jackson [picture of photo available]
  226. Saul Jaffe [picture of photo available]
  227. Peter Jarvis Chair Torcon 3 (2003 Worldcon). [photo available]
  228. Terry Jeeves (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  229. *Michael Jencevice [picture of photo available]
  230. *Mary Jane Jewell [photo available]
  231. *Robin Johnson GoH: Aussiecon 4 (2010 Worldcon). Chair: Aussiecon (Worldcon 33, Melbourne, 1975). [photo available]
  232. Angela Jones [photo available]
  233. Marsha Jones, F.N. (Marsha Brown, Marsha Elkin) [picture of photo available]
  234. *Neil Kaden [picture of photo available]
  235. Jordin Kare& [picture of photo available]
  236. *Jordin & Mary Kay Kare [photo available]
  237. Mary Kay Kare& [photo available]
  238. Arnie and Joyce Katz Joyce: Co-chair (with Raymond "Duggie" Fisher) of St. Louiscon, Worldcon, 1969 [photo available]
  239. *Rick Katze, F.N. [photo available]
  240. *Jerry Kaufman DUFF Winner, 1983. [photo available]
  241. Ken Keller Chair: MidAmeriCon (Kansas City, 1976 Worldcon). [picture of photo available]
  242. Earl Kemp Chairman: ChiCon III (1962 Worldcon). Hugo 1961, for fanzine, WHO KILLED SCIENCE FICTION? [picture of photo available]
  243. *Greg Ketter [photo available]
  244. *Paul Kincaid GUFF Winner, 1999. [photo available]
  245. *Jay Kay Klein FGoH: DisCon II (Worldcon 32, 1974). (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  246. *Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink & Jerome Scott [photo available]
  247. Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink D.I.& [photo available]
  248. Ed Kramer Chair: NASFiC, 1995 [photo available]
  249. Laura Krentz [picture of photo available]
  250. Tim Kyger Chair: IguanaCon II (1978 Worldcon). [picture of photo available]
  251. David A. Kyle FGoH: ConStellation (1983 Worldcon) Chair: NyCOn II (1956 Worldcon). [photo available]
  252. Christina Lake TAFF Winner, 1988. [photo available]
  253. Dave Langford Fan GoH: Conspiracy `87 (Worldcon 45, Brighton) Hugo: Best Fan Writer, 1985, 1987, 1989-2003, 2005-'07; Best Fanzine (ANSIBLE), 1987, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2002; Semiprozine (Ansible), 2005. TAFF Winner: 1980. [picture of photo available]
  254. George Laskowski ("Lan") Fanzine Hugo 1986, 1991 (deceased) [photo available]
  255. Alice Lawson
  256. Evelyn Leeper& [photo available]
  257. Mark Leeper& [photo available]
  258. *Mark & Evelyn Leeper [photo available]
  259. *David Levine & Kate Yule [picture of photo available]
  260. David Levine& [photo available]
  261. Fred A Levy Haskell [picture of photo available]
  262. *Suford Lewis, F.N.& [photo available]
  263. Suford & Tony Lewis, F.N. Chair Noreascon (29th Worldcon, 1971) [photo available]
  264. *Tony Lewis, F.N.& Chair: Noreascon (29th Worldcon, 1971) [photo available]
  265. Robert Lichtman TAFF Winner 1989. [photo available]
  266. Denny Lien [photo available]
  267. Guy Lillian III DUFF Winner 2003. [photo available]
  268. Eric Lindsay GUFF Winner 2001 [picture of photo available]
  269. *Mark Linneman [photo available]
  270. Joyce Lloyd (Joyce Hooper)
  271. Allison Lonsdale [photo available]
  272. John Lorentz [photo available]
  273. *Gary Louie (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  274. *Don Lundry Chair: Suncon (Worldcon 35, 1977, Miami Beach) [photo available]
  275. *Grace Lundry (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  276. Richard Lupoff Hugo, 1963, Best Fanzine [photo available]
  277. *Perrianne Lurie [photo available]
  278. Nicki Lynch& FGoH: ConuCopia (1999 NASFiC); Hugo Award winner, Fanzine category 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003. [picture of photo available]
  279. Nicki & Richard Lynch FGoH: ConuCopia (1999 NASFiC); Hugo Award winner, Fanzine category 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003. [photo available]
  280. Richard Lynch& FGoH: ConuCopia (1999 NASFiC); Hugo Award winner, Fanzine category 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003. [picture of photo available]
  281. *J. Shaun Lyon [photo available]
  282. Dave McCarty Chair: Chicon 7 (2012 Worldcon).
  283. *Martin McClure [picture of photo available]
  284. Nancy Wirsig McClure [photo available]
  285. Christian B. McGuire Chair: [photo available]
  286. Mike McInerney [picture of photo available]
  287. *Pat McMurray GUFF winner, 2003/2004, UK to Australia. [photo available]
  288. *Jim Mann, F.N.& [photo available]
  289. Laurie Mann, F.N.& [photo available]
  290. *Laurie & Jim Mann, F.N. [photo available]
  291. John Mansfield Chair: ConAdian (1994 Worldcon). [photo available]
  292. Jurgen G. Marzi [photo available]
  293. Sue Mason TAFF winner, 2000. Hugo award for Fan Artist, 2003, 2005. [photo available]
  294. Marty Massoglia [picture of photo available]
  295. Joe Mayhew Best Fan Artist Hugo (1998, 2000). (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  296. Mark Merlino "Sylys Sable" [photo available]
  297. Karen Meschke Chair: LoneStarCon 2 (Worldcon 55, 1997, San Antonio); [photo available]
  298. Edmund R. Meskys (Ed) Hugo for Fanzine, 1967. [photo available]
  299. Kathleen Meyer Chair: Chicon V (1991) [photo available]
  300. Craig Miller& Co-Chair: L.A.Con II (Worldcon 1984). [photo available]
  301. June Moffatt& TAFF Winner 1973 (w/ Len) [picture of photo available]
  302. Len Moffatt& TAFF Winner 1973 (w/June) [picture of photo available]
  303. *Len & June Moffatt TAFF Winner 1973 [photo available]
  304. G. Patrick Molloy ("Pat") Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) 2001 with wife Naomi Fisher. [photo available]
  305. Ken Moore ("Khen") (deceased) [photo available]
  306. Murray Moore Canadian Unity Fan Fund (CUFF) delegate to the 2001 Canvention in Vancouver, B.C. [photo available]
  307. Cheryl Morgan Hugo Awards: Fanzine (Emerald City), 2004; Fan Writer, 2009; Semiprozine (Clarkesworld), 2010, 2011. [photo available]
  308. Liz Mortensen [photo available]
  309. Janice Murray DUFF winner, 1997. [photo available]
  310. Jim Murray
  311. Lex Nakashima [photo available]
  312. Michael Nelson [photo available]
  313. Ray Faraday Nelson
  314. Peter Nicholas [picture of photo available]
  315. Patrick Nielsen Hayden, F.N.& TAFF Winner 1985. [photo available]
  316. *Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden TAFF Winner 1985. [photo available]
  317. Teresa Nielsen Hayden, F.N.& TAFF Winner (w/ Patrick) 1985. [photo available]
  318. Marilyn Niven, F.N. (Fuzzy Pink) [picture of photo available]
  319. Debbie Notkin [photo available]
  320. Bob Null (Merlin R.) (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  321. Ulrika O'Brien TAFF Winner, 1998 [picture of photo available]
  322. Rod O'Riley [picture of photo available]
  323. Chris O'Shea ("The Magician") [photo available]
  324. Erik V. Olson [photo available]
  325. *Mark Olson, F.N.& Chair: Noreascon 3 (1989: 47th Worldcon). [picture of photo available]
  326. *Priscilla Olson, F.N.& [photo available]
  327. *Priscilla & Mark Olson, F.N. Chair (Mark): Noreascon 3 (1989: 47th Worldcon) [photo available]
  328. Ron Ontell& [photo available]
  329. *Ron & Val Ontell [photo available]
  330. Val Ontell& (nee Valerie Sussman) [photo available]
  331. Alec Orrock
  332. *Jeff Orth
  333. Kathi Overton [photo available]
  334. *Tony Parker [photo available]
  335. Myrna Parmentier (Myrna Logan) ("The Dragon Lady") [picture of photo available]
  336. Spike Parsons
  337. Bob Passovoy co-Fan GoH (with Anne) at Chicon 2000. [photo available]
  338. Fred Patten [photo available]
  339. Sara M. Paul [photo available]
  340. Ross Pavlac Co-Chairman, Chicon IV (1982). (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  341. *Bruce Pelz, F.N. Fan GoH: Worldcon 38 (1980: Noreascon 2) Co-Chair (w/Chuck Crayne): Worldcon 30 (1972: LACon) (deceased) [photo available]
  342. Elayne Pelz [photo available]
  343. KRin Pender-Gunn FFANZ with Ian Gunn, 1993 (Defcon 4, Wellington New Zealand). GUFF with Ian Gunn, 1995 (Interaction, Glasgow). [photo available]
  344. *Lloyd Penney& CUFF winner 1998 (with Yvonne). [photo available]
  345. *Yvonne Penney& CUFF winner 1998 (with Lloyd). [photo available]
  346. Yvonne & Lloyd Penney CUFF Winner 1998. [photo available]
  347. Sandy and Pierre Pettinger [photo available]
  348. Selina Phanara [photo available]
  349. Greg Pickersgill GoH: InterAction (2005 Worldcon). TAFF Winner 1986. [photo available]
  350. Michael T. Pins [picture of photo available]
  351. Mark Plummer [photo available]
  352. John Pomeranz [photo available]
  353. Andrew I. Porter FGoH: ConFiction (Worldcon 48, The Hague, 1990) [photo available]
  354. D. Potter [photo available]
  355. Charlotte Proctor [photo available]
  356. Fred Prophet Co-chair: Detention (1959 Worldcon).
  357. *Peggy Ranson 1993 Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist. [photo available]
  358. *Victor J. Raymond [picture of photo available]
  359. Hank Reinhardt& (deceased) [photo available]
  360. *Toni & Hank Reinhardt [photo available]
  361. Toni Weisskopf Reinhardt& ("T.K.F. Weisskopf") Editor GoH: Ca Casca Cascadia CascadiaCon CascadiaCon (2 [photo available]
  362. Renaldo the Party Sheep FFANZ 1998 Winner, attended Construction, NZ Natcon.
  363. Sparks Rennie (A. Michael Rennie) [photo available]
  364. Mike Resnick, F.N. TM: Nolacon II (1988 Worldcon); MagiCon (1992 Worldcon); [photo available]
  365. Neil Rest [photo available]
  366. Peter Roberts TAFF winner, 1977. [picture of photo available]
  367. *David E. Romm ("DavE") [photo available]
  368. Bill Roper [photo available]
  369. Vicki Rosenzweig [photo available]
  370. Linda Ross-Mansfield CUFF Winner 1991
  371. Allan Rothstein (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  372. William Rotsler ("Bill") Fan GoH: TorCon II (1973 Worldcon) Best Fan Artist Hugo: 1975, 1979, 1996, 1997. Best Fan Artist Retro-Hugo: 1946 (presented 1996). DUFF Winner: 1977 (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  373. Nigel Rowe Fan Fund of Australia & New Zealand (FFANZ) Winner 1985. [photo available]
  374. Ruth Sachter, F.N. [photo available]
  375. Robert Sacks (deceased)
  376. Drew Sanders [photo available]
  377. Kathy Sanders [picture of photo available]
  378. John Sapienza, Jr.& [photo available]
  379. Peggy Rae Sapienza& Fan GoH: Chicon 7 (2012 Worldcon). Chair: Bucconeer (Worldcon 56, 1998, Baltimore); [photo available]
  380. *Peggy Rae & John Sapienza Chair (Peggy Rae): Bucconeer (Worldcon 56, 1998, Baltimore). [photo available]
  381. Sharon Sbarsky, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  382. Martin Schafer [picture of photo available]
  383. Jeff Schalles [picture of photo available]
  384. Marc Rolf Schirmeister ("Schirm") [picture of photo available]
  385. *George H. Scithers FGOH: NorthAmericon '79 (NASFiC); Millennium Philcon (Worldcon, 2001). Chair: DisCon I (1963). Fan Hugo 1964, 1968. (deceased) [photo available]
  386. Alison Scott Hugo Award for Fanzine, 2005, 2006. [photo available]
  387. Eric P. Scott ("EPS") [photo available]
  388. Jerome Scott& [photo available]
  389. Mike Scott Hugo Award for Fanzine (Plokta), 2005, 2006. [photo available]
  390. Joyce Scrivner DUFF Winner, 1981 [photo available]
  391. Bob Shaw ("BoSh") Fanwriter Hugo 1979, 1980. Attended Aussiecon 2 (1985 Worldcon) via The Shaw Fund. (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  392. *Nancy Tucker Shaw (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  393. Randy Shepherd Chair: LoneStarCon III (2013 Worldcon). [photo available]
  394. Sherlock (Sherry Watson) [picture of photo available]
  395. Sachiko Shibano FGoH: L.A.con III (1996 Worldcon); Worldcon Nippon 2007. [Data Needed] [photo available]
  396. Takumi Shibano FGoH: L.A.con III (1996 Worldcon); Worldcon Nippon 2007. (deceased) [photo available]
  397. Ina Shorrock [picture of photo available]
  398. *Joe Siclari and Edie Stern Chair: Magicon (51st Worldcon, 1992). DUFF delegate (southbound), 2005. [photo available]
  399. Joe Siclari, F.N.& Chair: Magicon (51st Worldcon, 1992). DUFF delegate (southbound), 2005. [photo available]
  400. Kurt C. Siegel, F.N. [photo available]
  401. Michael Siladi [photo available]
  402. Steven H Silver [photo available]
  403. *Pat Sims& DUFF Delegate 1995 (w/Roger) [picture of photo available]
  404. *Pat & Roger Sims FGoH: NoLaCon II (1988 Worldcon) Co-Chair: Detention (1959 Worldcon, Detroit). DUFF Delegates, 1995. [photo available]
  405. *Roger Sims& FGoH: NoLaCon II (1988 Worldcon) Co-Chair: Detention (1959 Worldcon, Detroit) DUFF Delegate, 1995 (w/Pat). [picture of photo available]
  406. Jon Singer [photo available]
  407. Willie Siros Chair, LoneStarCon 1 (1985 NASFiC). [picture of photo available]
  408. Dick Smith& DUFF Winner 1993. [photo available]
  409. Dick & Leah Smith DUFF Winners, 1993. [photo available]
  410. *Laurence C. Smith (Larry) [picture of photo available]
  411. Leah Smith& DUFF Winner 1993. [photo available]
  412. T.R. Smith (Theresa Renner) [photo available]
  413. Ian Sorensen [photo available]
  414. Jack Speer FGoH: Noreascon 4 (2004 Worldcon) (deceased) [photo available]
  415. *Maureen Kincaid Speller TAFF winner, 1998. [photo available]
  416. Garth Spencer CUFF Delegate, 1999. [photo available]
  417. Kevin Standlee Fan GoH: CascadiaCon (2005 NASFiC). Co-Chair: Con José (2002 Worldcon). [photo available]
  418. Edie Stern& [photo available]
  419. Milt Stevens Chair: L.A.con II (Worldcon, 1984; co-chair) [picture of photo available]
  420. Alan Stewart 1991 FFANZ Delegate to New Zealand. 1994 DUFF Delegate to North America. [photo available]
  421. Pearl Stickler [photo available]
  422. *Steve Stiles TAFF Winner, 1968. [photo available]
  423. Keith Stokes [photo available]
  424. Jon Stopa FGoH (with Joni): Chicon V (1991). [photo available]
  425. Joni Stopa Co-FGoH (with Jon): Chicon V (1991). (deceased) [photo available]
  426. Lars-Olov Strandberg GoH: Interaction (Worldcon 2005). [photo available]
  427. Erwin S. Strauss, F.N. ("Filthy Pierre") [picture of photo available]
  428. Harry Stubbs, F.N. ("Hal Clement" - "George Richard") (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  429. *Geri Sullivan, F.N. Co-winner, Fanzine Hugo for SCIENCE FICTION FIVE-YEARLY, 2007. [picture of photo available]
  430. Bjorn Tore Sund [photo available]
  431. *Tim Szczesuil, F.N.& [photo available]
  432. Matthew B. Tepper ("The Duck") [picture of photo available]
  433. Diana Thayer& [photo available]
  434. Keith Thompson [picture of photo available]
  435. Becky Thomson [photo available]
  436. Tadao Tomomatsu ("Friendly Pine Tree") [picture of photo available]
  437. Suzanne Tompkins (aka "Suzle") TAFF winner, 2005. [photo available]
  438. *Burnett R. Toskey Fanzine Hugo Award, 1960, for CRY OF THE NAMELESS. [picture of photo available]
  439. John and Bjo Trimble FGoH: Con José (Worldcon 60, 2002) [picture of photo available]
  440. Bob Tucker ("Hoy Ping Pong") FGoH: Torcon (1948 Worldcon); NyCon3 (1967 Worldcon) Hugo: Best Fan Writer (1970). Retro Hugo: Best Fan Writer, 1954. Retro Hugo: Best Fanzine (1951) for SCIENCE FICTION NEWSLETTER, awarded in 2001. (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  441. *Larry Tucker [picture of photo available]
  442. Martin Tudor Won TAFF in 1996.
  443. Leslie Turek, F.N. GoH: Sasquan (2015 Worldcon). Chair: Noreascon II (1980 Worldcon, Boston) Fanzine Hugo for "THE MAD 3 PARTY" (1990). [photo available]
  444. Tobes Valois TAFF winner, 2002.
  445. Jan van 't Ent [photo available]
  446. Larry van der Putte [photo available]
  447. Kees van Toorn Chair, ConFiction 1990 Worldcon in the Hague. [photo available]
  448. Tom Veal Chair: Chicon 2000 (Worldcon 2000) Special Committee Award, 2013. [photo available]
  449. Shelby Vick ("ShelVy") [picture of photo available]
  450. Pat Virzi (Pat Mueller) Hugo Award for Fanzine (Texas SF Inquirer), 1988. [picture of photo available]
  451. Michael J. Walsh, F.N. (Mike) Chair: ConStellation (Worldcon 41, Baltimore, 1983) [photo available]
  452. Harry Warner Jr. FGoH: Worldcon 1971. Fan Writer Hugo 1969, 1972. Non-Fiction Hugo 1993 for A WEALTH OF FABLE. (deceased) [photo available]
  453. Julian Warner DUFF Winner, 2002. [picture of photo available]
  454. Bill Warren [picture of photo available]
  455. Taral Wayne Fan GoH: Anticipation (2009 Worldcon). CUFF Winner to Keycon 5/Canvention 8 Winnipeg 1988. [photo available]
  456. *Chris Weber & Karen Willson [picture of photo available]
  457. *Chris Weber& [photo available]
  458. Jean Weber GUFF Winner 2001 [photo available]
  459. Elst Weinstein
  460. Pam Wells TAFF Winner (1991). [photo available]
  461. Patty Wells Chair: Renovation (2011 Worldcon). [picture of photo available]
  462. Peter Weston FGoH: Noreascon 4 (2004). Chairman, Seacon 79 (37th Worldcon, Brighton, England). TAFF winner, 1974 (to Discon) [photo available]
  463. Alan White [photo available]
  464. Ted White FGoH: Worldcon 1985. Worldcon co-chair 1967. Fan Writer Hugo 1968 [picture of photo available]
  465. Lee Whiteside [photo available]
  466. Eva Whitley
  467. Tom Whitmore Fan GoH: Denvention 3 (2008 Worldcon). Chair: Con José (Worldcon 2002). [photo available]
  468. Art Widner DUFF winner, 1991. [photo available]
  469. Mike Willmoth [photo available]
  470. Karen Willson& [photo available]
  471. Alan Winston [picture of photo available]
  472. Sally Woehrle Chair: Sasquan (2015 Worldcon). [photo available]
  473. Noel Wolfman [photo available]
  474. Lew Wolkoff [photo available]
  475. *Stan Woolston (deceased) [picture of photo available]
  476. Richard Wright (deceased) [photo available]
  477. Frank Wu Hugo Award for Fan Artist, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009.
  478. Ben Yalow, F.N. Fan GoH: ConDiego (1990 NASFiC) [photo available]
  479. *Rick Young [picture of photo available]
  480. Kate Yule&
  481. Lucy Zinkiewicz NAFF (National Australian Fan Fund) 2001 delegate.
  482. Bernie Zuber (deceased) [picture of photo available]


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& We have a few "couple shots" where "Mr. & Mrs. XXX" are in the same photo, in addition to our regular individual photos. An ampersand at the end of an individual's name indicates that the individual is also represented in a "couple shot." The couple shots have an ampersand joining the names of the people in the photo. We also have some couple shots of "Mr. and Mrs. XXX" (using "and" instead of "&") where we don't have the corresponding individual shots.
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