[Portrait format] 05-Aug-2014

[Cheryl Morgan] Cheryl Morgan

Bay Area, CA
Convention fan, fan editor

Hugo Awards: Fanzine (Emerald City), 2004; Fan Writer, 2009; Semiprozine (Clarkesworld), 2010, 2011.

Con committees: Chicon 2000, Millennium Philcon: WSFS Secretary; Helicon 2 (Eastercon 2002): Webmistress; Concussion/Eastercon 57 (2006).

Bay Area SF Association: Minister of Misinformation, Queen of Air and Darkness.
Melbourne Science Fiction Club: Treasurer.


"CHERYL MORGAN was quickened several decades ago and has operated more or less smoothly since then. The model has been tested in the cold and wet of Britain and the sun-baked deserts of Australia, and is currently available in California. The reliability of its software and hardware is attested by its success in producing the SF&F book-review fanzine, EMERALD CITY (http://www.emcit.com/), on a monthly schedule for the past 7 years."

Photo by Chaz Boston Baden, Dec. 2002
Data: Aug. 2014

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