[Portrait format] 14-Jul-2014

Marilyn Niven, F.N.

(Fuzzy Pink)

Los Angeles CA area
Fanzine, convention and club fan

FGoH: Loscon 10 (1983).

Con committees: Loscons, Westercons, Worldcons, since 1986. Art Show, Green Room, Treasurer.

Evans-Freehafer Award 1982 (LASFS).
Fellow of NESFA, 1976.

Clubs: LASFS (former Director). SCIFI (Board of Directors 1985-present). NESFA (one of the originals). MITSFS.

Fanzines: FUZZILY, apazine for APA-L.

Other fanac: Regency fandom, part of the original Society for Heyer Criticism which held teas at Boskone.

Photo by Stan Burns, Nov. 1997
Data: July 2014

Rev. 14-Jul-2014