[Portrait format] 12-Aug-2003

[photo by Erik V. Olson, Feb. 2002] Neil Rest

Chicago IL
Convention fan, science fiction reader.

Fan GoH at ConFusion 11 (1982). At that time, the only FGoh they'd had who hadn't worked for ConFusion in some capacity.
Fan GoH at Congenial, a terrific upper-Midwest relaxacon with lots of food and music.

Con Committees: Windycon '81 silent partner.

The only "Perfect Attendance -1.5" ribbon at Windycon.

Fanzines: a rare perszine called XAMIXDAT.

Other Fanac: Show up a day or two early at Worldcon and one or two others to walk into setup with an unoccupied pair of hands and let nature take its course.

Other other fanac: "Dr. Whoopie at Minicon."

Photo by Erik V. Olson, Feb. 2002
Data: May 2002

Rev. 12-Aug-2003