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Rev. 12-Aug-2004

We are looking for capsule bio information on the list of fans attached below. The format we prefer is shown here. If you can help us out (for example, if you can provide an e-mail address or mailing address for any of these people) please write to us at gallery@scifiinc.org.





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If you're on this list, please visit our Fill-in Form and help us put an overview of your fannish career on your photo's caption.

Pending additions to Fan Gallery.

We have their photo, we're just waiting on the bio captions.
Austin, Alicia Fan Artist Hugo 1971. Guest Artist: The 4th World Fantasy Convention (1978). Artist GoH: LepreCon 7 (1981); Westercon 36 (1983); Westercon 52 (1999). Co-GoH: WisCon 9 (1985). GoH: Disclave 1991. Loscon 21 (1994) Artist GoH. We'd like a better photo. West Hills CA (L.A.)
Blarson, Blars Room Parties, Worldcon bidder. Digital image on file. L.A. CA
Bradshaw, Bridget "Bug" "Fan editor, stood for TAFF..." (Tom Becker) UK
Cain, Steven Plokta cabal member. England UK
Citrak, Michael Chair: NorWesCon 17-20 (1994-'97). Has been the chair of Norwescon, Chair of NWSFS (Northwest Science Fiction Society) and a long standing fan in the northwest volunteering in various areas since the earliest years of convention fandom in the Seattle area. We have a photo, wouldn't mind another to choose from. Lacey WA (Seattle area)
Easterbrook, Martin Worldcon co-chair 1995. Digital image on file. Swindon UK
Ed Finkelstein
Foss, Wolf Took photo Oct. 2003. co-FGoH at Windycon. L.A. CA
Gallagher, Diana (aka Diana Gallagher Wu) Special Award 1989. CA? MN?
Hooper, Andrew (Andy) Fanzine Hugo Nominee 1996, Fan Writer Hugo Nominee 1992-1998. "Has chaired a WisCon, co-chaired a Corflu, has done a lot of work on fan programs for Westercons, Worldcons and Corflus, and is well known for his quite excellent fannish plays that have been presented at Worldcons and Corflus." Seattle WA
Jeeves, Terry Fan artist. Doc Weir Award 1965. We'd like another photo. UK
Keiffer, Margaret -- Cincinatti OH
Lillian, Rosy DUFF 2003. Rubble Award 2002. Co-FGoH: Con*Stellation 22 (2003). LA
Linda Lounsbury DUFF Winner (w/ Ken Fletcher, 1979)
McConchie, Lyn FFANZ Winner 1987. Digital image on file. NZ
Norton, Scott Conventioneer. San Diego CA
Page, Jerry Chair: DeepSouthCon 5 (1967, Atlanta GA); MC: DeepSouthCon 19/B'hamacon II (1981, Birmingham AL); FGoH: DeepSouthCon 22/Chattanooga DeepSouthCon (1984, Chattanooga TN). Rebel Award 1980. Chattanooga TN?
Passovoy, Anne Worldcon FGoH 2000. FGoH: ConClave 2 (1977). Musician GoH: Minicon 21 (1986). Waiting for full bio info. Chicago IL
Passovoy, Anne and Bob Worldcon FGoH 2000. Need couple shot. Chicago IL
Prophet, Fred Worldcon co-chair 1959. Photos on file. Detroit MI
*Noreen Shaw Chair: Clevention (Worldcon 13, 1955; co-chair)
Sheets, Elisa Club Fan. San Jose CA
Sachiko Shibano FGoH: L.A.con III (1996 Worldcon)
Slater, Ken Worldcon FGoH 1987. Doc Weir Award 1966. Big Heart 1995. Digital image on file. Cambridgeshire, UK
Paul Turner
Warner, Julian DUFF Winner 2002. Down Under.
George Young