[Fan Gallery] Fan Gallery Status Report - 2001

Rev. 27-Jul-2004
I'm attempting to document the "activity" on the Fan Gallery. I don't anticipate there to be much interest in this level of detail... but if I'm asked about it I want something to refer back to!

July-Dec 2001
Jan-Dec 2002
Jan-Dec 2003
July 2001

Christian B. McGuire and Chaz Boston Baden informally accept responsibility for the Fan Gallery. Arrangements are made with Bruce Pelz and Joni Dashoff to ship the Fan Gallery to Millennium Philcon (2001 Worldcon), and for someone to set it up onsite.

Aug 2001

Fan Gallery exhibited at Worldcon. List of photos (180).

Sep 2001

After Worldcon, Todd Dashoff ships the Fan Gallery to Chaz's office. It shows up in a big cardboard box. Chaz unpacks them from the cardboard box and stores them (temporarily) in two flip-lid storage bins. At this point they are out of sequence.

Oct 2001

Christian and Chaz formally accept responsibility for the Fan Gallery at the SCIFI Board of Directors Meeting. At that meeting, the Board authorizes the purchase of new shipping cases for the Fan Gallery.

Two shipping cases with custom foam purchased from New World Case, Inc. of Uxbridge MA. The cases are built to ATA (Air Transport Assn.) standards and cost us about $400 each. We have photos of the new cases online - scroll down to the bottom of that page.

Nov 2001

Bruce Pelz sends his database of captions to Chaz.

The Fan Gallery was exhibited at Loscon 28. [Loscon 28 layout] List of photos (180). The photos were not in alphabetical order due to the haphazard repacking. We have photos of the Fan Gallery at Loscon.

Photos packed in new shipping case at Loscon, any which way, with a bag of binder clips and a bag of pegboard hooks thrown in as well. Photos are later sorted alphabetically by last initial.

Dec 2001

Caption data received or updated in Dec. 2001:

  1. Bill Ellern
  2. Glenn Glazer
  3. Nancy Wirsig McClure
  4. Sharon Sbarsky, F.N.
  5. Martin Schafer

Additions to Fan Gallery in December: From Bruce's photos in the archive box (see below).

Web page launched on www.scifiinc.org, explaining what the Fan Gallery is. Chaz reformatted the Captions document in HTML and uploaded it, and from that extracted a simple list of who's in the Fan Gallery. Original count of 178 or 179 photos turns out to be slightly inaccurate, because there was a photo (Mike Glicksohn) in the collection that wasn't in the Captions document.

Fan Gallery Expansion page created on website, listing guidelines for submitting photos. E-mail address gallery@scifiinc.org set up for communications about the Fan Gallery, and pix@scifiinc.org for submission of digital photos (just goes to Chaz, so as not to clutter up Christian's e-mail with big attachments). Christian and Chaz (based on recommendations solicited from Bruce and others) come up with "List #1" of fans we'd like to add to the Fan Gallery, along with "List #2" - Inactive (i.e., deceased) fans of whom we'd like to track down photos.

Bruce turns over a box of photos, negatives, cardboard frames, and other related material. Chaz stashes it in a corner (see also January, below). Bruce also (on a separate occasion) turns over a 5"x7" glossy color printout of the 2001 "Worldcon Chairs" group shot.

Chaz posts on the SMOFS mailing list asking for help with the Fan Gallery Expansion lists, mostly asking questions of the form "Where are they now?" After tapping the group mind, someone suggests that this sort of thing is more appropriate for the TIMEBINDERS mailing list.

Chaz posts on the TIMEBINDERS mailing list and soon finds himself engulfed in a tempest in a teapot. Many suggestions are received, some of which are incorporated into "List #1". This list stands at just over 300 names.

Mike McInerney of the TIMEBINDERS list - and our "List #1" - volunteers to take some photos for us.

Policy on taking the Fan Gallery out of town is firmed up. We limit the conventions to ones that Christian or Chaz will be attending. The hosting convention is asked to pay any shipping charges (both ways), and provide "art show panels" or their equivalent. (We're going to see if we can check the core collection as luggage and avoid anyone having to pay freight.)

Windycon Chair Steven H Silver asks if the Fan Gallery can be exhibited at Windycon.

Mark L. Olson gives blanket permission for all uses of his photos in the Fan Gallery.

Call for Missing Bio Captions goes out. Chaz attempts to find e-mail addresses or other contacts for everyone in the Fan Gallery without a caption. Some people respond. This project still underway.

Jack C. Haldeman dies. We have a photo on file, but no bio.

Westercon 55: Conagerie offered the Fan Gallery. The hotel liaison (Christian) expresses doubt as to space available. The chair (Bruce) later expresses interest in a subset, with Westercon chairs and fgohs included.

Con Jose (Worldcon) offered the Fan Gallery.

Chaz goes to a Polar Den party with his digital camera and takes pictures for possible inclusion.