[Fan Gallery] Fan Gallery at ConQuest 33: As-Built

Fan Gallery Appearances - Status Reports

Collection exhibited at ConQuest 33 (Kansas City MO, May 2002)

Rev. 09-Jun-2002
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[ConQuet 33 layout] 60 photos exhibited at ConQuest 33, on six 7'h x 2'w spaces, 5 rows of 2 photos each per panel.

  1. *2001, Past Chairs of Worldcon [photo available]
  2. Ackerman, Forrest J [Data Needed]
  3. Baden, Chaz Boston
  4. Benford, Gregory
  5. Bourget, Robbie
  6. Busby, Elinor
  7. Cantor, Marty [photo available]
  8. Dashoff, Todd
  9. Digby, Tom
  10. *Docherty, Vince
  11. Donaho, Bill (inactive) [Data Needed]
  12. Ellers, Marjii (inactive)
  13. Farr, Bruce
  14. finder, jan howard
  15. *Foglio, Kaja & Phil
  16. Gelb, Janice
  17. Gillespie, Bruce
  18. *Gilliland, Alexis
  19. Glicksohn, Mike
  20. Glyer, Mike
  21. Haldeman II, Jack C.
  22. Harvia, Teddy
  23. Jarvis, Peter
  24. *Katz, Joyce Worley
  25. *Kaufman, Jerry
  26. *Kincaid, Paul [photo available]
  27. Kramer, Ed
  28. Langford, Dave
  29. Laskowski, George (inactive) [Data Needed]
  30. *Lewis, Suford & Tony
  31. Lichtman, Robert
  32. Lynch, Nicki
  33. Lynch, Richard
  34. McGuire, Christian B.
  35. Mayhew, Joe (inactive) [Data Needed]
  36. Meschke, Karen
  37. Miller, Craig
  38. *Moffatt, Len & June [photo available]
  39. Murray, Janice
  40. Nielsen Hayden, Patrick
  41. Nielsen Hayden, Teresa
  42. O'Brien, Ulrika
  43. *Olson, Mark
  44. Pavlac, Ross (inactive) [Data Needed]
  45. *Pelz, Bruce & Elayne
  46. *Penney, Yvonne & Lloyd
  47. *Porter, Andrew I.
  48. Rotsler, William (inactive)
  49. Sapienza, Peggy Rae [Data Needed]
  50. Scrivner, Joyce
  51. *Sims, Pat
  52. *Sims, Roger
  53. *Speller, Maureen Kincaid [photo available]
  54. Stevens, Milt
  55. Trimble, John & Bjo
  56. Veal, Tom
  57. *Walsh, Michael J.
  58. White, Ted
  59. Whitmore, Tom
  60. *Yalow, Ben
Contents Legend


Name in bold means that the photo is part of our "Core Collection." (This means the photo has preference when we have a limited amount of space for the exhibit.)
* Asterisk indicates "Landscape format." (The other photos are "Portrait format," which we prefer because they take less space in the exhibit.)

& We have a few "couple shots" where "Mr. and Mrs. XXX" are in the same photo, in addition to our regular individual photos. An ampersand at the end of an individual's name indicates that the individual is also represented in a "couple shot." The couple shots have an ampersand joining the names of the people in the photo.
(inactive) "Inactive" means the fan is no longer active, in any sense of the word. (Syn. 'deceased')
[Data Needed] The orange and white question mark means that we don't have a capsule biography in the caption. When space is limited, these photos are more likely to be left out of the exhibit.
[photo available] The colored propellor beanie indicates that a photo is available online. Click on the name next to the beanie to see the photo and caption.

[Print] The little printer symbol you'll see on the caption pages links to a printable version of the caption, which is what we use (with the "Algerian" typeface) to print the actual paper captions that are cut out and attached to the photos.