[Fan Gallery] Fan Gallery at Westercon 55: As-Built

Fan Gallery Appearances - Status Reports

Collection exhibited at Westercon 55 (Los Angeles, July 2002)

Rev. 11-Jul-2002
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[Westercon 55 layout] 122 photos exhibited at Conagerie: Westercon 55, on six 3'x4' panels and three 6'x4' panels, arranged as 3 bays.

Photos with bios, "core collection," some couples, some individual shots, Westercon chairs and gohs, anyone whose caption mentions Westercon. Also include "inactive" fans without captions, newly added photos, and a random assortment of other fans.

  1. *Past Chairs Of Worldcon (1998)
  2. *Past Chairs Of Worldcon (2000)
  3. *Past Chairs Of Worldcon (2001)
  4. Ackerman, Forrest J FGoH: 1964 Worldcon/Westercon.
  5. Bobbi Armbruster "BOBBI ARMBRUSTER has successfully parlayed her skills as a long-time conrunner (handling the L.A.con III facilities division along with Ben Yalow, not to mention this year's Westercon hotel liaison function) into her own business as a professional meeting planner." (Westercon 55 program)
  6. Baden, Chaz Boston: Webmaster, www.westercon.org.
  7. *Judy Bemis [picture of photo available]
  8. Benford, Gregory GOH: Worldcon Pro GOH, 1999; Westercon 40 (1987).
  9. *John Berry Delegate to 1959 Worldcon via a special fan fund.
  10. Beslanwitch, Jack: Vice Chair, Westercon 56.
  11. Kent Bloom [picture of photo available]
  12. Robbie Bourget DUFF Co-Winner (w/ Marty Cantor): 1985
  13. Seth Breidbart [picture of photo available]
  14. *Brown, Charles N. FGoH: Westercon 28 (1975). Awards: Many Hugos. "Science fiction expert CHARLES N. BROWN, editor-in-chief and publisher of 23-time Hugo winner Locus magazine, which he founded in 1968, has been involved in the SF field since the late 1940s. An electrical engineer for 15 years before becoming a full-time SF editor, he was the original book reviewer for Asimov's, has edited several SF anthologies, written for numerous magazines and newspapers, and worked as a freelance fiction editor for the past 35 years. Brown travels extensively, appears regularly on panels at major SF conventions around the world, and is a frequent Guest of Honor." (Westercon 55 program)
  15. *Brown, Jordan & Kimberlee: Con Committees: Westercons (Kimberlee).
  16. Burns, Stan "STAN BURNS. Born 1947. Started reading science fiction at age 10 when his mother brought home a copy of Heinlein's HAVE SPACE SUIT, WILL TRAVEL, recommended by a librarian, in an effort to get him to read more. Contacted fandom and joined LASFS in 1967 as a subject for an Cutural Anthropology paper in college at USC, where he graduated with a BA in Psychology in 1970. Attended his first Westercon (XX) in 1967 and his first Worldcon (Baycon) in 1968. Wrote reviews for Glyer's late lamented Scientifriction and was official Photographer at Equicon, Filmcon, LACon I and III, many Loscons, etc. Mostly moved toward Mystery fandom in the 1970s (after attending the first Bouchercon) and has been active there with his fanzine Who Donut? ever since." (Westercon 55 program)
  17. Busby, Elinor: FGOH: Westercon 16 (1963), Westercon 37 (1984), Westercon 46 (1993). Fanzine Hugo, 1960, for CRY OF THE NAMELESS.
  18. Busby, F.M. Fanzine Hugo, for CRY OF THE NAMELESS. Westercon FGoH: 1963, 1984, 1993.
  19. Cantor, Marty: DUFF Winner 1985 (w/ Robbie Cantor) Committees: Westercon 55.
  20. Sandy Cohen [picture of photo available]
  21. Lester Cole Co-Chair: SFCon (Worldcon 12, 1954).
  22. Cox, Arthur Jean: Attended half a dozen World Cons and perhaps as many Westercons.
  23. Todd Dashoff Millennium Philcon-59th World Science Fiction Convention (Chair)
  24. Daugherty, Kathryn: Chair: Westercon 53 (2000).
  25. Dawe, Sue: Fantasy Artist GoH: Westercon 51 (1998). "SUE DAWE is a well-known science fiction artist and costumer, as well as a Star Wars fanatic extraordinaire. She once turned a flamingo into a Sith lord." (Westercon 55)
  26. Dazzo, Genny: "GENEVIEVE DAZZO holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry and is well versed in many different scientific disciplines. She is the head of Quality Associates, a company that trains other companies and their employees in a variety of advanced computer and management skills. She has held senior positions at several Software, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, and Aerospace companies. Genevieve has been active in science fiction fandom in both New York and Los Angeles since the mid-1970s and has worked on many conventions including Worldcons and regional conventions. She is currently on the Board of the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests (SCIFI) and was on the committee for L.A.con III, the 1996 World Science Fiction Convention, and Conucopia, the 1999 North American Science Fiction Convention. " (Westercon 55)
  27. Tom Digby FGoH: ConFrancisco (Worldcon 51, 1993).
  28. *Vincent Docherty Convention Chair: Intersection (Worldcon 1995)
  29. Bill Donaho Worldcon/Westercon co-chair 1968. (inactive)
  30. Duarte, Jr., Fred: Chair: Westercon 49 (1996).
  31. Alex Eisenstein [picture of photo available]
  32. Ellern, Bill: Treasurer Westercon 20 (1967).
  33. Ellers, Marjii Fan GoH: CactusCon (1987 NASFiC) (inactive)
  34. Farr, Bruce Chair: Westercon 45 (1992). Chair: Cactuscon (1987 NASFiC)
  35. Gary Keith Feldbaum [picture of photo available]
  36. jan howard finder Honored Guest, ConFrancisco (1993 Worldcon).
  37. Don Fitch
  38. *George Flynn, F.N.
  39. *Kaja & Phil Foglio Hugo Award, Best Fan Artist. 1977 and 1978
  40. Foss, Richard - "RICHARD FOSS is a journalist, travel agent, restaurant reviewer, and science fiction writer who has stories coming out in Analog and Alternate Generals II. He is also occasionally active in science fiction fandom and conrunning." (Westercon 55)
  41. Foster, Brad W. Artist GOH: Westercon 49 (1996). Fan Artist Hugo 1987-1989, 1992, 1994.
  42. *Steve Francis [picture of photo available]
  43. *Sue Francis [picture of photo available]
  44. Donald Franson [picture of photo available]
  45. Gelb, Janice: Con Committees: Westercons: 1994; 1995 (Head, Program Operations). North American DUFF Delegate to Aussiecon 3, 1999.
  46. Bruce Gillespie FGoH: Aussiecon 3 (Worldcon 1999)
  47. *Alexis Gilliland Hugos: Best Fan Artist (1980, 1983, 1984, 1985)
  48. Mike Glicksohn Best Fanzine (Amateur Magazine) Hugo 1973, with Susan Wood Glicksohn
  49. Glyer, Mike Co-Chair: Westercone (Westercon 31, 1978). FGoH: Westercon 54 (2001); Torcon III (2003 Worldcon). Hugo: Best Fan Writer (1984, 1985, 1988); Hugo: Best Fanzine (1984, 1986, 1989). Chair: L.A.Con III (Worldcon 54, 1996) "MIKE GLYER is the publisher of File 770, perhaps the world's best known science fiction fanzine." (Westercon 55 program)
  50. Green, Ed: Committees: Westercon 47, 52, 53, head or co-head of Volunteers. Westercon 55, Business Department head. "ED GREEN is the current president of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS), a member of the Board of the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests (SCIFI) and a past chair of Loscon." (Westercon 55 program)
  51. Jack C. Haldeman II Chair: Discon II (Worldcon 32, Washington D.C., 1974) (inactive) [Data Needed] [picture of photo available]
  52. Teddy Harvia Best Fan Artist Hugo (1991, 1995, 2001)
  53. Hertz, John: Contributor to FILE 770 (annual "Westercon Notebook"). "JOHN HERTZ is an attorney, history and dance scholar, and fanwriter who is well known in the science fiction community. He is widely credited with introducing Regency dancing to science fiction conventions. " (Westercon 55 program)
  54. Jackson II, Charles Lee: Con Committees: Asst. Head, Program Operations: Westercon 42 (1989). "CHARLES LEE JACKSON II is a reviewer, cartoonist, and film historian." (Westercon 55 program)
  55. Jaffe, Saul FGOH: Westercon 56 (2003).
  56. Peter Jarvis Chair Torcon 3 (2003 Worldcon).
  57. Jordin Kare
  58. Mary Kay Kare [photo available]
  59. *Katz, Joyce Worley FGoH: Westercon 49 in El Paso TX, 1996 (with Arnie Katz). Co-chair (with Raymond "Duggie" Fisher) of St. Louiscon, Worldcon, 1969
  60. *Kaufman, Jerry FGOH: Westercon 44 (1991) jointly with Suzanne Tompkins. DUFF Winner, 1983.
  61. *Paul Kincaid GUFF Winner, 1999.
  62. Ed Kramer Chair: NASFiC, 1995
  63. Dave Langford Fan GoH: Conspiracy `87 (Worldcon 45, Brighton) Hugo: Best Fan Writer (1985, 1987, 1989 thru 1997), Best Fanzine (ANSIBLE: 1987, 1995, 1996, 1999) TAFF Winner: 1980.
  64. Suford & Tony Lewis, F.N. Chair Noreascon (29th Worldcon, 1971)
  65. Lichtman, Robert FGOH: Westercon 55 (2002). TAFF Winner 1989.
  66. Lorentz, John Chair: Westercon 43 (1990), Westercon 48 (1995). Fan GoH: Conolulu (Westercon 53, 2000).
  67. *Gary Louie (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  68. Nicki Lynch GoH: ConuCopia (1999) Hugo Award winner, Fanzine category 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998
  69. Richard Lynch GoH: ConuCopia (1999) Hugo Award winner, Fanzine category 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998
  70. McGuire, Christian B. Chair: NASFiC 1999 (Conucopia). "CHRISTIAN MCGUIRE, an apparatchik of the first magnitude, is a multiple-time Loscon chair (four and counting). He is a past LASFS president and chairman of the board, and a co-founder of the annual Dr. Who-oriented Gallifrey cons. In his spare time, he chaired the 1999 NASFiC in Anaheim. Now he's helping lead LA's bid for the 2006 Worldcon and running the Member Services & Hospitality division for this year's Westercon." (Westercon 55 program)
  71. McInerney,_Mike
  72. John Mansfield Worldcon chair 1994
  73. Joe Mayhew Best Fan Artist Hugo (1998) (inactive) [Data Needed] [picture of photo available]
  74. Karen Meschke Chair: LoneStarCon 2 (Worldcon 55, 1997, San Antonio)
  75. Meskys, Edmund R. Hugo for Fanzine, 1967.
  76. Craig Miller Co-chair: OakLACon (Westercon 28, 1975). FGoH: Westercon 41 (1988). Chair: L.A.Con II (Worldcon 1984; co-chair) "CRAIG MILLER is a partner in Wolfmill Entertainment. Together with his partner, Marv Wolfman, he created and produced the Humanitas-nominated animated series "Pocket Dragon Adventures". Currently they are writing and producing animated and live-action projects based on the comic book series "Elfquest" and the internet comic strips "Astounding Space Thrills" and "Ponytailers". Over the years he's written for television series as disparate as "Murder, She Wrote" and Showtime's erotic-horror anthology "The Hunger". Miller is chairman of the Writers Guild of America's Animation Writers Caucus and has been writing, developing, and producing since the mid-1980s. Prior to that he was a marketing consultant on feature films, first for George Lucas on "Star Wars" and "The Empire Strikes Back" and, later, Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., Henson, and most of the major American studios. Fannishly, he has been active in LASFS since he was a teenager, including a long period as chairman of its Board of Directors. He's also active in conventions, having chaired a Loscon, a Westercon, and a Worldcon, as well as having worked on far more conventions than he cares to remember." (Westercon 55 program)
  77. *Moffatt, Len & June FGoH (Len): Westercon 25 (1972). ConCommittees (Len): Westercon 3 (1950). ConCommittees (both): Westercon 23 (1970). TAFF Winner 1973. "JUNE MOFFATT has been a member of LASFS for more than fifty years. Bitten by the publishing bug at an early age, she found her niche in fanzine fandom, as writer, publisher and poorfreader. A minor career as bibliographer came about when she and Len published The JDM Master Checklist, the works of John D. MacDonald, and when she edited The Edward D. Hoch Bibliography. She and Len won the TAFF race in ought-73 and published their TAFF Report, The Moffatt House Abroad, about a year later. They were given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1999 BoucherCon, the World Mystery Convention, which they helped start over thirty years ago." (Westercon 55 program) "LEN MOFFATT, a writer of prose and poetry in various fields including science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and the packaging industry, has retired from the last-named and divides his writing time between professional and fan interests. His parody of "The Raven" in ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE was reprinted in the POE Studies Association Newsletter. One of his short satires, "Father's Vampire", which appeared in WEIRD TALES fifty years ago, was reprinted in the hardcover collection 100 CREEPY LITTLE CREATURE STORIES. An active fan and writer for more than sixty years, Len is aided and abetted by his wife June, his "all time favorite editor"." (Westercon 55 program)
  78. Mortensen, Liz - "LIZ MORTENSEN is the treasurer of the LASFS and a board member of SCIFI, including heading up the Theme Team for the Los Angeles in 2006 Worldcon bid." (Westercon 55)
  79. Murray, Janice: Con Committees: Westercon 1984, 2001. DUFF winner, 1997.
  80. Nielsen Hayden, Patrick: Editor GOH: Westercon 44 (1991). TAFF Winner 1985
  81. Nielsen Hayden, Teresa: Editor GOH: Westercon 44 (1991). TAFF Winner 1985
  82. Bob Null [picture of photo available]
  83. O'Brien, Ulrika: Committees: 25; Westercon 47 (1994) & 51 (1998). TAFF Winner, 1998.
  84. *Olson, Mark, F.N. Chair: Noreascon 3 (1989: 47th Worldcon). "MARK OLSON is a long-time SF fan. He discovered SF long before he discovered fandom, and I discovered fandom long before he got involved in con-running, and only after that did he get involved in NESFA Press. He's chaired several conventions including a Worldcon (Noreascon 3), a Boskone, a Smofcon, and co-chaired a Ditto, and he's worked on numerous others. He's edited around ten books and reviewed SF for Aboriginal. Mark prefers schlock SF to schlock fantasy. In real life Mark is an astronomer who realized that he "needed to make a living so I got all my degrees in chemistry -- and wound up doing software development management. (But I still love astronomy more than anything else.)"" (Westercon 55 program)
  85. *Olson, Priscilla, F.N. - "PRISCILLA OLSON started fannish life as a trekkie, oh these many (OK, more than 30) years ago. She's an avid reader, Middle School Science Teacher, present President of NESFA, desultory Magic player, and once-and-future Official Editor of The Secret Garden (APA). She even went to Clarion! Mostly, Priscilla is involved in lots of conventions, and has produced the program for a lot of them, including a couple Worldcons." (Westercon 55)
  86. *Tony Parker [picture of photo available]
  87. Patten, Fred: Chair: Westercon 27 (1974). "FRED PATTEN joined the LASFS in 1960. He has attended most Worldcons and Westercons since then, and was the Chairman of the 1974 Westercon and 1987 Loscon. He was a co-founder of the first Japanese animation fan club in 1977. He has written articles on international animation (especially Japanese) for comics and animation magazines and books for over two decades, and is currently employed by Animation World Magazine. He is a member of four apas, and is currently Official Editor of Rowrbrazzle. He writes a series, "Theriopangrams", for Radio Comix's monthly Furrlough, and reviews anthropomorphic literature for Yarf! magazine." (Westercon 55 program)
  88. Sara M. Paul [picture of photo available]
  89. Ross Pavlac 1982 Worldcon chair (inactive) [Data Needed] [picture of photo available]
  90. *Pelz, Bruce, F.N.: Co-Chair (w/Chuck Crayne): Westercon 22 (1969); Worldcon 30 (1972: LACon). Chair: Westercon 29 (1976), Westercon 55 (2002). Fan GoH: Westercon 32 (1979); Worldcon 38 (1980: Noreascon 2). (inactive)
  91. Pelz, Elayne FGoH: Westercon 48 (1995).
  92. *Penney, Yvonne & Lloyd CUFF Winner 1998.
  93. *Andrew I. Porter FGoH: ConFiction (Worldcon 48, The Hague, 1990) Hugo Awards: Best Fanzine (ALGOL, 1974); Best Semi-Prozine (Science Fiction Chronicle, 1993 and 1994)
  94. Rotsler, William Fan GoH: Conozoic (Westercon 47, 1994); TorCon II (1973 Worldcon). (inactive)
  95. Ruth Sachter, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  96. Drew Sanders [picture of photo available]
  97. John Sapienza, Jr.
  98. Peggy Rae Sapienza Chair: Bucconeer (Worldcon 56, 1998, Baltimore).
  99. Sharon Sbarsky, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  100. Schalles, Jeff
  101. Marc Rolf Schirmeister [picture of photo available]
  102. Joyce Scrivner DUFF Winner, 1981
  103. *Nancy Tucker Shaw (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  104. Michael Siladi
  105. Steven H Silver [photo available]
  106. *Pat Sims DUFF Delegate 1995 (w/Roger)
  107. *Roger Sims FGoH: NoLaCon II (1988 Worldcon) Co-Chair: Detention (1959 Worldcon, Detroit) DUFF Delegate, 1995 (w/Pat)
  108. *Maureen Kincaid Speller TAFF winner, 1998.
  109. Standlee, Kevin: Westercon Committees: Business Meeting Chair (Westercon 48, 50, 51); Business Meeting Parliamentarian (Westercon 52); Site Selection Deputy Department Head (Westercon 44). "KEVIN STANDLEE is co-chairman of ConJose, the 2002 Worldcon, and was chair of the Bay Area in 2002 Committee that bid for and won the right to bring Worldcon to San Jose this year. His first convention was the 1984 Worldcon, and he has been actively involved in convention running in roles from gopher to chairman since 1989. Kevin's other hobbies include trains and rail transit and occasionally trying to watch a San Francisco Giants baseball game. You'll usually be able to find him at the ConJose table, trying to convince you to buy a Worldcon membership." (Westercon 55 program)
  110. Edie Stern [picture of photo available]
  111. Milt Stevens Chair: Westercon 33 (1980). Co-Chair: L.A.con II (Worldcon, 1984). "MILT STEVENS is well-known for his humorous fanwriting, which has recently been appearing in No Award and on Internet newsgroups. He is a past president and chairman of the board of LASFS. He co-chaired L.A.con II in 1984." (Westercon 55 program)
  112. Erwin S. Strauss [picture of photo available]
  113. *Geri Sullivan [picture of photo available]
  114. Trimble, John & Bjo FGoHs: Westercon 19 (1966); Con José. Co-Chair: (John w/ Steve Tolliver): Westercon 18 (1965). Co-Chairs: Westercon 23 (1970).
  115. Tom Veal Chair: Chicon 2000 (Worldcon 2000)
  116. *Walsh, Michael J. Chair: ConStellation (Worldcon 41, Baltimore, 1983). "MICHAEL J. WALSH attended his first convention in 1969 (Disclave), his first Worldcon in 1974, chaired the 1983 Worldcon, subsequently chaired a number of regional convention and in 1995 chaired the World Fantasy Convention (which he will do again in 2004). He is a long time book dealer and in 1993 started to also publish books under the Old Earth Books imprint. He has lived in Baltimore since 1977, having lived on a far too many military bases in his youth, and since 1988 working for the Johns Hopkins University Press as east coast sales representative (and sometimes book acquisitions)." (Westercon 55 program)
  117. Ted White FGoH: Worldcon 1985. Worldcon co-chair 1967. Fan Writer Hugo 1968
  118. Whitmore, Tom Fan GoH: Westercon 36 (1983, San Jose). Chair: Con José (Worldcon 2002)
  119. Woehrle, Sally Vice-chair: Westercon 46 (1993). Chair: Westercon 50 (1997).
  120. *Stan Woolston (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  121. Wright, Richard Chair: Westercon 46 (1993). (inactive)
  122. *Yalow, Ben, F.N. Fan GoH: ConDiego (1990 NASFiC). "BEN YALOW has been to over 500 cons, and worked on about a third of them, including most of the Worldcons for the last three decades. He's been a gofer, a con chair, and everything in between. Ben has edited three NESFA Press publications, two of which were nominated for the Hugo Award, and is editing another collection. He's a member of NESFA, LASFS, FACT, and OSFCI, and a Director of SCIFI." (Westercon 55 program)