[Fan Gallery] Fan Gallery Status Report - 2002

Rev. 24-Aug-2004
July-Dec 2001
Jan-Dec 2002
Jan-Dec 2003

Jan 2002

As of 01-Jan-2002 the Fan Gallery collection consists of 180 fans in 182 photos: 180 individual photos and 2 group shots.

Additions to Fan Gallery in January: BEP=Photos that Bruce Pelz turned over in the Archive Box; CBB=Chaz shot digital photos with his less-fancy camera; MM=Mike McInerney sends a Photo CD of photos, some of which are usable; SC=Shawn Crosby took digital photos at LASFS during the summer; VJD=Photos by Vince Docherty that Bruce Pelz turned over in the Archive Box.

  1. Baden, Chaz Boston (SC)
  2. Gregory Benford (BEP)
  3. Cantor, Marty (CB)
  4. David W. Clark (BEP)
  5. Vince Docherty (BEP)
  6. Herz, Melanie (BEP)
  7. Peter Jarvis (BEP)
  8. Michael Jencevice (BEP)
  9. David A. Kyle (BEP)
  10. McInerney, Mike (MM)
  11. Mansfield, John (BEP)
  12. Trimble, John & Bjo (BEP)
  13. White, Ted (BEP)

Caption data received or updated in Jan. 2002:

  1. Sandy Cohen
  2. Susan L. Fox-Davis
  3. Steve Francis
  4. Craig Miller
  5. Becky Thomson
  6. Tom Whitmore

Results of experimentation: the scanner at my office is not suitable. Using Shawn's digital camera in place of a scanner yields results, good enough to use but not great.

Stan Woolston dies. We have a photo on file, but no bio.

Windycon Appearance is firmed up. We tell them that we'll need at least three of their 5'x4' panel spaces. The shipping weight of the case with the current collection of photos and the mounting hardware (pegboard hooks and binder clips) is 82.2 lbs. The cost to ship 180 photos to and from Chicago via UPS Ground Service, insured for $1500, is $90. Just shipping the Core Collection would be somewhat cheaper. Shipping both cases will be more expensive. Windycon will pay the freight and will provide S-hooks to use on their art show grid materials.

The Archive Box from Bruce is replaced with a flip-lid bin, after Chaz goes through it. There are a number of negatives and snapshot prints that apparently are the originals for the photos in the Fan Gallery. There are also about a dozen photos that Bruce collected for inclusion, and some photos that were submitted and won't be used and need to be returned.

New cardboard frames (20) purchased at Target for $1.99+tax each. Elayne later remarks that WalMart sells them too. These are actually cardboard double mats, a solid 8"x10" piece, and two 8"x10" pieces with rectangular holes (one 5"x7" on top of another board with a 4.5"x6.5" hole). Bruce says he used double-sided tape to assemble them, and inspection of the existing Fan Gallery reveals that he used clear tape to affix the captions to the back. A quote is obtained from "Frame It For Less" for acid-free mats, for $363 a hundred. Elayne Pelz the Treasurer convinces us that the photos are going to decay before the cardboard does, and it's too expensive to switch.

At the January SCIFI Board of Directors Meeting, we present a Status Report. Mike Donahue volunteers to scan photos, and Jerome Scott volunteers to scan photos and negatives.

Boskone and ConDor are offered the core exhibit. Both accept. Also Minicon is offered the Fan Gallery, and wants to exhibit the entire collection. Loscon chair Tadao Tomomatsu commits to exhibiting the Fan Gallery at Loscon 29. The SCIFI Board of Directors voted (via e-mail) to approve paying for the freight charges (up to $100 per convention) to send the Fan Gallery to Boskone and Minicon, as a "thank-you" for their roles in the Fan Gallery's beginning. Standardized form letter worked out for future potential appearances.

Layout tools built, to take a list of names and determine how many art show panels will be needed, and chart out where each photo will be displayed. (The charts can be printed one-per-page, so that photos can be hung in any sequence as they come out of the case.) Eventually the tools will be made available to the public.

A subset of the Fan Gallery consisting of 133 photos is packed into one of the shipping cases, and shipped via UPS on 31-Jan-2002 to the Boskone Art Show's address for mail-in art. Insured for $1000. Freight charge: $44.37.

Fan Gallery packed with paper and foam. 11"x17" sheets of paper are cut down to 10"x17", for wrapping around the photos. This makes them easier to pull out of the case. Each wrapper is marked identifying the photos included, such as "D" or "Me Mo" for photos whose last name starts with "D" or whose last name starts with two letters in the range "Me" to "Mo." Plastic foam pieces are cut to 8"x10", so that we can slip in as many as we need to pad out the top of each section. Within a paper wrapper, the pictures are not necessarily in sequence.

Boskone 39 layout planned out for 4 of their 4'x6' art show panels. We can display 113 photos in that space. We'll be hanging the photos off of the bottom edge of the pegboards to cram as many in as we can. ConDor's spaces are 4'x4' and they've promised us four, plus some countertop space.

Core List Database converted to HTML. Not quite up-to-date. Includes Worldcon/NASFiC chairs and fgohs, Fan Hugo Winners, and international fan fund winners. The Core List and Living Core List are derived from this file.

Captions can be printed from the web page. The little [icon] printer icon on the Captions page brings up a single caption, as do the links on each name on the Contents List. The captions are generated in a consistent fashion, provided the "Algerian" font is loaded on the browsing machine, so that captions can be printed anywhere (and don't require a particular computer containing a particular file). The Contents List is generated every night from the Captions page.

Captions color-coded for web viewing using Cascading Style Sheets. Blue text indicates a "core" photo. Heavy black border indicates a deceased fan. An asterisk (*) at the beginning of a name indicates a horizontal (landscape) format photo, i.e. 7"w x 5"h. An ampersand (&) at the end of a name indicates that we have another photo on file containing that person and their spouse.

Fan Gallery Photographers for this year include Bruce, Chaz, Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink and Jerome, Mark Olson, David Dyer-Bennet, and Erik V. Olson. Photography Schedule added to website.

Standardized form letters are worked out for individuals and couples on List #1; couples already in the Fan Gallery; third-person requests and requests for a deceased fan's photo.

Requests for Photos go out to a number of people on the "List #1" of wanted people. We also start soliciting "couple" photos for married couples in the core collection to use in place of the individual photos when we're really tight on space. This project still underway - there are more e-mail addresses to search for, and at some point we'll try mailing out postcards.

A call is put out on TIMEBINDERS for photos of the deceased fans on our list. Some responses come back. This project still underway - there are more people we can ask.

88x31 Fan Gallery icon button added for Fan Gallery, and put on main www.scifiinc.org entry page.

We've added Black Borders around the deceased ("inactive") fans' photo frames. After trying two different approaches, a guide was purchased (in the form of two sheets of plexiglas, one 7.375"x10" and the other 8"x9.375"). There were 9 photos to be marked. These are the photos that we've put a black border around. The following were in the Fan Gallery at the time we started putting black borders on the frames.

  1. Marjii Ellers
  2. Jack C. Haldeman II
  3. Gary Louie
  4. Joe Mayhew
  5. Pavlac, Ross
  6. William Rotsler
  7. Nancy Tucker Shaw
  8. Stan Woolston
  9. Richard Wright

Captions printed/reprinted, 116 of them, to replace torn, crumpled, or obsolete captions. The captions that have been printed recently (including updated captions, and labels that were crumpled etc., but not including new additions) are:

scifiinc.net launched for storage of digital and digitized photos. Spoke to L.M. about webmastering the Online Fan Gallery. L.M. has photo editing capabilities (so can cut the originals down to viewable sizes), and can upload mass quantities by burning a CD and handing it off or taking it to work.

Query Engine for Contents in progress. You can select on living/inactive, core/supplement, and with/without bio data. Original version worked off of the massive file of all the bios. Needs to be rewritten to handle the individual bio files. This is a work in progress.

Quartering the Fan Gallery: A-F, G-L, M-R, S-Z. Eighths: A-C, D-F; G-J, K-L; M-N, O-R; S, T-Z.

Fan Gallery Captions have been split up into separate files.

Chaz creates a notebook for Christian containing printouts of all of our notes on photos and captions needed.

Feb 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in February: CBB=Chaz shot digital photos in December; MM=Photos by Mike McInernery; VJD=Photos by Vince Docherty.

  1. Past Chairs Of Worldcon (2001) (VJD)
  2. Grant Canfield (MM)
  3. Mark Merlino (CBB)
  4. Rod O'Riley (CBB)
We also received photos from Erik V. Olson (shot at Capricon, hand-carried to Boskone); Jean Weber (shot at Potlatch, sent via e-mail); Chaz (shot at Boskone and ConDor); Geri Sullivan (enlargement from one of her negatives).

Caption data received or updated in Feb. 2002:

  1. Noel Wolfman

Boskone appearance in Framingham MA. We put a "framingham.com" bumper sticker on the shipping case. [Boskone 39 layout] 120 photos were exhibited, about 60% of the collection. It took two people 2 hours to hang all of the photos. Anja Baier helped Chaz hang the photos. We put about half of them up with two clips each, using the convention's clips and hooks, on four of their 4'x6' art show panels; four rows of photos per panel. It took one person (Chaz) half an hour to take them down. Noel Wolfman checked the Fan Gallery case as luggage on her return flight, and Chaz took it home from the airport. At Boskone, Chaz and Mark Olson took many photos.

ConDor appearance. We put a "KCBQ San Diego" bumper sticker on the shipping case. [Condor 9 layout] 77 photos were exhibited, about 40% of the collection. Time to hang uncertain. Adam Tilghman helped Chaz hang the photos. We used one clip per photo, using the convention's clips and hooks, on four of their 4'x4' art show panels; four rows of photos per panel. It took two people (Chaz and Christian) 15 minutes to take them down. Pictures of the exhibit are available. Chaz drove the Fan Gallery case to and from Del Mar.

Minicon 37 Program Book Article written and edited by Joyce Scrivner and David Schroth, based in part on our web blurb.

Mar 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in March: (Photographers: AGT=Adam Tilghman, 2001; CBB=Chaz, Jan. 2002; CF=Cindy Foster, 2001; EKL=Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink; EVO=Erik V. Olson, Feb. 2002; GFS=Geri Sullivan; JB=Judith Buckrich; JG=Jeanette Gillespie; KY=Kate Yule; LM=Laurie Mann; RL=provided by Robert Lichtman; SC=Shawn Crosby)

  1. Donaho, Bill (deceased)(RL)
  2. Eisenstein, Alex (EVO)
  3. Foglio, Phil (EVO)
  4. Foglio, Kaja (EVO)
  5. Foster, Brad W. (CF)
  6. Gillespie, Bruce (JG)
  7. Laskowski, George ("Lan") (deceased)(LM)
  8. Levine, David (KY)
  9. Lichtman,_Robert (GFS)
  10. Lindsay, Eric (JB)
  11. Lonsdale, Allison (AGT)
  12. Moffatt, Len and June (CBB)
  13. Penney, Lloyd (EKL)
  14. Penney, Yvonne (EKL)
  15. Penney, Yvonne and Lloyd (EKL)
  16. Silver, Steven H (EVO)
  17. Tomomatsu, Tadao (SC)
  18. Weber, Jean (JB)
(Note that fans listed as "deceased" have black borders around their frames.)

Captions updated and reprinted on existing entries: Rick Gellman, Marsha Jones, Mary Kay Kare, Marty Massoglia, Nancy Tucker Shaw, Edie Stern

Captions reprinted (possibly updated) and packed in red notebook for Minicon trip, not yet installed on photos: Benford, Gregory; Bourget, Robbie; Glicksohn, Mike; Jewell, Mary Jane; Moffatt, June; Penney, Lloyd; Scrivner, Joyce; Silver, Steven H.

Caption data received or updated in Mar. 2002:

  1. Michael R. Bernstein
  2. Jack Beslanwitch
  3. Stephen Boucher
  4. Stan Burns
  5. Marty Cantor
  6. Sandra Childress
  7. Ahrvid Engholm
  8. Rob Jackson
  9. Jerry Kaufman
  10. Paul Kincaid
  11. Perrianne Lurie
  12. Cheryl Morgan
  13. Joyce Scrivner
  14. Pearl Stickler
  15. Alan White

Lunacon - Mark Olson takes several photos for us and sends them in.

Jean Weber, Tourist and Photographer - Jean takes photos while in Las Vegas NV and e-mails them in. Her next stop is L.A.

Stationery artwork by Sue Mason arrives. We can now have stationery printed up with "Fan Gallery" on it, to use for signs and letters.

Minicon 37 appearance. We put a "Minnesota Twins" bumper sticker on the shipping case. Shipped via UPS 14-Mar-2002, cost $48.84. Joyce Scrivner shipped it back to us 03-Apr-2002, at a cost of $77.35. It appears that the discount my company gets is significant... [Minicon 37 layout] 208 photos exhibited. Missed Friday morning flight, so Fan Gallery was set up Saturday morning. Their panels are 4'w x 6'h - not the other way around, and they had 8 of them set up. We asked them to set up three more, and used 10 to display the photos with the 11th just showing the "Fan Gallery is incomplete" sign (see below). Took one and a half hours to set up with two people (Chaz and Tammy Coxen), took half an hour for five people to take down (Chaz, Tammy, and three guys from the Bridge). Took some more photos for future use. We put up five signs (with the italicized footnote at the bottom of each sign):

We worked out an efficient way of dividing up the labor of setting up the exhibit at Minicon. One person specializes in putting up the hooks on the pegboard, 12" apart horizontally and 14" apart vertically; some rows will be set up with hooks 9" apart horizontally. (When we do another exhibit with 6' wide pegboards, we'll have to fine-tune that, but on 4' wide panels we can only display either four or five photos per row. The vertical-format photos outnumber the horizontals by three to one, but one horizontal photo in a 4' row forces that row to only hold four photos.) Photos are taken out of the box and put in groups by rows, using a paper wrapper around the photos for each row.

Black canvas zip bag added to Fan Gallery case. We now have two sturdy bags for the hardware - one of them for the pegboard hooks and the other for the binder clips.

Watch that bottom row. If we can have more panels and fewer rows, that would be good. At Minicon their 6'-tall panels were arranged such that the bottom row was practically at floor level. If we can go with just 4 rows on 6'h panels, and 3 rows on 4'h panels, that would improve the exhibit's appearance. Also we need to start moving the captions to hang a little lower, especially for the bottom row, so the names are easier to read. We should plan to work on this for the next appearance of the exhibit.

Minicon - Chaz took several suitable pictures. David Dyer-Bennet, Erik V. Olson and Mark Olson were there and may have also taken photos.

Eastercon - Digital pictures were taken. Steve Davies has collected them, and we may use some.

Apr 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in April:

  1. Bernstein, Michael R.
  2. Berry, John
  3. Beslanwitch, Jack
  4. Burns, Stan
  5. Busby, Elinor
  6. Bushyager, Linda
  7. Bushyager, Ron
  8. Engholm, Ahrvid
  9. finder, jan howard
  10. Foglio, Kaja & Phil
  11. Jackson, Rob
  12. Katz, Joyce Worley
  13. Kaufman, Jerry
  14. Kincaid, Paul
  15. Lewis, Suford & Tony, F.N.
  16. Murray, Janice
  17. Singer, Jon
  18. Speller, Maureen Kincaid
  19. White, Alan

Photos replaced in April:

  1. Carey, Elisabeth, F.N.
  2. Kare, Mary Kay

Captions replaced in April:

  1. Armbruster, Bobbi

Caption data received or updated in Apr. 2002:

  1. Kimberlee Marks Brown
  2. Jordan & Kimberlee Brown
  3. Steve Davies
  4. Steve Davies & Giulia De Cesare
  5. Giulia De Cesare
  6. Angela Jones
  7. David Levine

Online Fan Gallery project started. Actually, I'm just putting 200x280 digital images in with the caption info. During April 2002, I've added photos for...

  1. Past Chairs of Worldcon (2001)
  2. Cantor, Marty
  3. McInerney, Mike
  4. Moffatt, Len & June

List of Contents - the automatic list generator now bolds the "core collection" photos, and marks entries (inactive), [data needed], or [photo available].

Printing problems on some of the enlargements in the form of a black streak or two, near the corner. We'll get free reprints of the ones that have these noticeable marks.

Birthdate information removed from living Fan Gallery members. Mostly to guard against Identity Theft.

At the April SCIFI Board of Directors Meeting, we present a Status Report. Expenses reimbursed, further expansion put on hold for a while.

Westercon and Worldcon appearances firmed up. Westercon 55: Conagerie will display a reduced subset of photos; Con Jose (Worldcon) has figured out where to put us and has turned us over to their Art Show people to work out details.

Photos in need of captions: 63. Photos in Fan Gallery (including couples and individuals, and photos without biographical data): 238. Worldon Chairs photos: 3. Couples photos: 5.

May 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in May:

  1. Brown, Charles N.
  2. Brown, Jordan & Kimberlee
  3. Bushyager, Ron & Linda
  4. Leeper, Evelyn
  5. Leeper, Mark
  6. Leeper, Mark & Evelyn
  7. Pelz, Bruce & Elayne (photo retired after May 2002)

New or updated captions:

  1. Eisenstein, Alex
  2. Foglio, Kaja & Phil
  3. Gelb, Janice
  4. Katz, Joyce Worley
  5. Lichtman, Robert
  6. Nielsen Hayden, Patrick
  7. Nielsen Hayden, Teresa
  8. Niven, Marilyn
  9. Siegel, Kurt C.
  10. Walsh, Michael J.
  11. White, Ted

Caption data received or updated in May 2002:

  1. John Berry
  2. Ann Broomhead & Tim Szczesuil
  3. Dave Cantor, F.N.
  4. Esther Cole
  5. Lester Cole
  6. David Dyer-Bennet
  7. John Harold
  8. Melanie Herz
  9. Denny Lien
  10. Neil Rest
  11. David E. Romm
  12. Pam Wells

Online Fan Gallery project. During May 2002, I've added photos for...

  1. Bernstein, Michael R.
  2. Beslanwitch, Jack
  3. Brown, Jordan & Kimberlee
  4. Burns, Stan
  5. Bushyager, Linda
  6. Carey, Elisabeth, F.N.
  7. Foglio, Kaja (EVO)
  8. Foglio, Phil (EVO)
  9. Foglio, Kaja & Phil
  10. Gillespie, Bruce (JG)
  11. Illingworth, Tim
  12. Jarvis, Peter
  13. Kare, Mary Kay
  14. Katz, Joyce Worley
  15. Kincaid, Paul
  16. Laskowski, George
  17. Leeper, Evelyn
  18. Leeper, Mark
  19. Leeper, Mark & Evelyn
  20. Levine, David (KY)
  21. Lichtman, Robert
  22. Lonsdale, Allison (AGT)
  23. Olson, Priscilla
  24. Pelz, Bruce & Elayne (photo retired after May 2002)
  25. Silver, Steven H
  26. Speller, Maureen Kincaid
  27. Standlee, Kevin
  28. White, Alan
  29. Wright, Richard

We also added pictures showing how the photos look hanging on a pegboard backdrop. This is a temporary measure, to "stand in" for the actual images. (When the actual photo is added to the caption page, the picture of the photo hanging on the pegboard will still be available at the bottom under "photo as displayed in exhibit." See the previous list above for examples.)

  1. Armbruster, Bobbi
  2. Bernstein, Michael R.
  3. Beslanwitch, Jack
  4. Brown, Jordan & Kimberlee
  5. Brown, Kimberlee Marks
  6. Burns, Stan
  7. Busby,_Elinor
  8. Bushyager, Linda
  9. Carey, Elisabeth, F.N.
  10. Eisenstein, Alex
  11. Engholm,_Ahrvid
  12. finder,_jan_howard
  13. Foglio, Kaja
  14. Foglio, Kaja & Phil
  15. Frierson,_Penny
  16. Gellman,_Rick
  17. Gillespie, Bruce
  18. Glazer,_Glenn
  19. Glicksohn, Mike
  20. Jackson,_Rob
  21. Jarvis, Peter
  22. Kare,_Jordin
  23. Kare, Mary Kay
  24. Katz, Joyce Worley
  25. Kaufman,_Jerry
  26. Kincaid, Paul
  27. Laskowski, George
  28. Leeper, Evelyn
  29. Leeper, Mark
  30. Leeper, Mark & Evelyn
  31. Levine, David
  32. Lewis,_Suford_&_Tony
  33. Lichtman, Robert
  34. Lorentz, John
  35. McClure, Nancy Wirsig
  36. McGuire, Christian B.
  37. Mansfield, John
  38. Massoglia, Marty
  39. Miller, Craig
  40. Mortensen, Liz
  41. Murray,_Janice
  42. Pelz, Bruce & Elayne (photo retired after May 2002)
  43. Penney, Yvonne & Lloyd
  44. Rest, Neil
  45. Sanders, Drew
  46. Sbarsky, Sharon
  47. Schafer,_Martin
  48. Scrivner, Joyce
  49. Shaw, Nancy Tucker
  50. Siladi, Michael
  51. Silver, Steven H
  52. Singer,_Jon
  53. Smith,_Laurence_C.
  54. Standlee, Kevin
  55. Stern, Edie
  56. Sullivan, Geri
  57. Thomson,_Becky
  58. Tomomatsu,_Tadao
  59. Trimble,_John_&_Bjo
  60. White, Ted
  61. Whitmore, Tom
  62. Winston,_Alan
  63. Woolston, Stan
  64. Wright, Richard
  65. Yalow, Ben

ConQuest appearance, in Kansas City. [ConQuet 33 layout] 60 photos exhibited on six 7'h x 2' spaces. Case with approx 110 photos inside and our binder clips was shipped Monday, 13-May-2002, weight was 67 lbs., insured for $1000, case measures 20"x27"x16". Bumper sticker: "Kansas City Blues Society."

Bio caption index changed. We now show the Core Collection's reasons next to their entries.

Bruce Pelz, founder of the Fan Gallery, joins our "Inactive List." Chaz took his framed photo to the LASFS Aftermeeting, where Christian, Kris Bauer, Michael Mason, and Scott Beckstead marked in the black border around the frame while Chaz held the plastic template in place.

Contents List now automatically has a Legend appended. This explains the icons and typography used on the contents list. Also the Bio index now uses the same Perl script, it just has a different argument on the cron call to tell it to include the descriptions.

Upcoming Appearances page now has an introduction to "Inviting the Fan Gallery to your Convention." (Including a note about how we'd like three souvenir bumper stickers.)

Jun 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in June:

  1. Busby, F.M.
  2. Meskys, Edmund R.
  3. Notkin, Debbie

Online Fan Gallery project. During June 2002, I've added photos for...

  1. Past Chairs of Worldcon (1998)
  2. Berry, John
  3. Brown, Charles N.
  4. Busby, Elinor
  5. Bushyager, Ron
  6. Bushyager, Ron & Linda
  7. Engholm, Ahrvid
  8. finder, jan howard
  9. Harvia, Teddy
  10. Illingworth, Marcia Kelly
  11. Jackson, Rob
  12. Kaufman, Jerry
  13. Kramer, Ed
  14. Penney, Lloyd
  15. Penney, Yvonne
  16. Penney, Yvonne & Lloyd
  17. Sachter, Ruth
  18. Smith,_T.R.

We also added pictures showing how the photos look hanging on a backdrop.

  1. Ackerman, Forrest J
  2. Baden, Chaz Boston
  3. Dashoff, Todd
  4. Bourget, Robbie
  5. Digby, Tom
  6. Docherty, Vince
  7. Glyer, Mike
  8. Gomoll, Jeanne
  9. Haldeman II, Jack C.
  10. Harvia, Teddy
  11. Jencevice, Michael
  12. Johnson, Robin
  13. Kaden, Neil
  14. Klein, Jay Kay
  15. Kramer, Ed
  16. Kyle, David A.
  17. Langford, Dave
  18. Lewis, Tony
  19. Lounsbury, Linda
  20. Lundry, Don
  21. Lynch, Nicki
  22. Lynch, Richard
  23. Mayhew, Joe
  24. Meschke, Karen
  25. Nielsen Hayden, Patrick
  26. Shaw, Noreen
  27. Shibano, Sachiko
  28. Shibano, Takumi
  29. Sims, Pat
  30. Sims, Roger
  31. Siros, Willie
  32. Smith, Leah
  33. Smith II, Richard H. E.
  34. Stevens, Milt
  35. Thayer, Diana
  36. Tucker, Bob
  37. Veal, Tom
  38. Walsh, Michael J.

Bios received and printed for
  1. Berry, John
  2. Cole, Esther
  3. Cole, Lester
  4. Cox, Arthur Jean

Captions updated and reprinted on existing entries:

  1. Kramer, Ed

Caption data received or updated in June 2002:

  1. Andrew A. Adams
  2. Lenny Bailes
  3. Ross Chamberlain
  4. Greg Ketter
  5. Laura Krentz
  6. Selina Phanara
  7. John Sapienza, Jr.
  8. Sally Woehrle
  9. Rick Young
  10. Bernie Zuber

Designated Berry, John as part of our "Core Collection." Shortly before he died in May 2002, Bruce Pelz said that he thought it might be a good idea to include John Berry and other similar Worldcon fan fund recipients. ("Irish" John Berry attended the 1959 Worldcon via a special one-time fund.)

Small Westercon collection determined for exhibit at Westercon. We'll try to squeeze 26 photos onto four rows of a 4'h x 6'w art show panel.

Jul 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in July:

  1. Adams, Andrew A.
  2. Briggs, James M.
  3. Chamberlain, Ross
  4. Childress, Sandra
  5. Dashoff, Joni Brill
  6. Davies, Steve
  7. De Cesare, Giulia
  8. Dyer-Bennet, David
  9. Francis, Sue & Steve
  10. Hlavaty, Arthur D.
  11. Kemp, Earl
  12. Ketter, Greg
  13. Lien, Denny
  14. Nielsen Hayden, Patrick & Teresa
  15. Olson, Erik V.
  16. Olson, Priscilla & Mark
  17. Phanara, Selina
  18. Stopa, Jon
  19. Tompkins, Suzanne
  20. Wells, Pam
  21. Weston, Peter
  22. Widner, Art
  23. Willson, Karen
  24. Wolfman, Noel

Photos replaced in July:

  1. Armbruster, Bobbi
  2. Rest, Neil
  3. Veal, Tom

Online Fan Gallery project. During July 2002, I've added photos for...

  1. Armbruster, Bobbi
  2. Briggs, James M.
  3. Chamberlain, Ross
  4. Kemp, Earl
  5. Lien, Denny
  6. Nielsen Hayden, Patrick & Teresa
  7. Pelz, Bruce
  8. Pelz, Elayne
  9. Rest, Neil
  10. Singer, Jon
  11. Veal, Tom
  12. Wells, Pam
  13. Whitmore, Tom
  14. Widner, Art
  15. Woehrle, Sally
  16. Wolfman, Noel

Captions updated and reprinted on existing entries:

  1. Donewitz, Ira
  2. Eastlake III, Donald E.
  3. Eastlake, Jill
  4. Farr, Bruce
  5. Franson, Donald (black border - inactive as of June 2002)
  6. Herz, Melanie
  7. Jaffe, Saul
  8. Jewell, Mary Jane
  9. Katze, Rick
  10. Krentz, Laura
  11. Laskowski, George (thanks to Mike Resnick)
  12. Pavlac, Ross (thanks to Mike Glyer)
  13. Pins, Michael T.
  14. Siclari, Joe
  15. Smith, Leah
  16. Thayer, Diana
  17. Warren, Bill
  18. Young, Rick
  19. Zuber, Bernie

Caption data received or updated in Jul. 2002:

  1. Ray E. Beam
  2. Ron Bennett
  3. Todd Dashoff
  4. Joni & Todd Dashoff
  5. Colin Hinz
  6. Joe Mayhew
  7. D. Potter
  8. Kathy Sanders
  9. Marc Rolf Schirmeister
  10. Burnett R. Toskey
  11. Jan van 't Ent
  12. Chris Weber
  13. Lee Whiteside
  14. Mike Willmoth

Westercon 55: Conagerie appearance. [Westercon 55 layout] 122 photos were exhibited. Three rows per panel in three "bays" (3-ft/6-ft/3-ft U-shapes). A total of six 3'w x 4'h panels and three 6'w x 4'h panels.

Pelz, Bruce - frame with black border replaced with an all-black frame.

SCIFI Board of Directors approves spending up to $1000 to enlarge, update, and maintain the Fan Gallery.

Aug 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in August:

  1. Beam, Ray E.
  2. Boucher, Stephen
  3. Dashoff, Joni & Todd
  4. Erichsen, Kurt
  5. Hoare, Martin
  6. Kare, Jordin & Mary Kay
  7. Lurie, Perrianne
  8. McMurray, Pat
  9. Mason, Sue
  10. Thompson, Keith
  11. Vick, Shelby

Online Fan Gallery project. During August 2002, I've added photos for...

  1. Notkin, Debbie
  2. Phanara, Selina
  3. Weston, Peter

Captions updated and reprinted on existing entries:

  1. Johnson, Robin

Caption data received or updated in Aug. 2002:

  1. Lynn Gold
  2. Martin Hoare
  3. Marty Massoglia
  4. Keith Thompson

Con José (Worldcon) appearance. [Con Jose layout] 209 photos were exhibited.

Sep 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in September:

  1. Bennett, Ron
  2. Bentley, Alice
  3. Exline, Darrel L.
  4. Geisler, Deb
  5. Gold, Barry
  6. Gold, Lee
  7. Harold, John
  8. Hinz, Colin
  9. Lupoff, Richard
  10. Potter, D.
  11. Proctor, Charlotte
  12. Ranson, Peggy
  13. Reinhardt, Hank
  14. Resnick, Mike
  15. Romm, David E.
  16. Rowe, Nigel
  17. Sanders, Kathy
  18. Siclari, Joe, & Stern, Edie
  19. Stiles, Steve
  20. Stokes, Keith
  21. Szczesuil, Tim, & Broomhead, Ann
  22. Weber, Chris
  23. Whiteside, Lee
  24. Willmoth, Mike

Photos changed in September:

  1. Beslanwitch, Jack
  2. McClure, Nancy Wirsig
  3. McGuire, Christian B.

Online Fan Gallery project. During September 2002, I've added photos for...

  1. Adams, Andrew A.
  2. Bennett, Ron
  3. Bentley, Alice
  4. Beslanwitch, Jack
  5. Gold, Barry
  6. Harold, John
  7. Hinz, Colin
  8. Hoare, Martin
  9. McClure, Nancy Wirsig
  10. McGuire, Christian B.
  11. Potter, D.
  12. Proctor, Charlotte
  13. Ranson, Peggy
  14. Resnick, Mike
  15. Romm, David E.

Captions updated and reprinted on existing entries:

  1. Anderson, Karen

Caption data received or updated in Sep. 2002:

  1. Worldcon Chairs (2001)
  2. Elinor Busby
  3. Bill Donaho
  4. George Flynn, F.N.
  5. Evelyn Leeper
  6. Mark Leeper
  7. Mark & Evelyn Leeper
  8. Janice Murray
  9. Vicki Rosenzweig
  10. Garth Spencer
  11. Alan Stewart

Oct 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in October:

  1. Past Chairs Of Worldcon (2002)
  2. Fisher, Raymond
  3. Gold, Lee & Barry
  4. Lynch, Nicki & Richard
  5. Scott, Jerome, & Klein-Lebbink, Elizabeth
  6. Sims, Pat & Roger

Photos replaced in October:

  1. Bemis, Judy

Online Fan Gallery project. During October 2002, I've added photos for...

  1. Bemis, Judy
  2. Childress, Sandra
  3. Donaho, Bill
  4. Dyer-Bennet, David
  5. Erichsen, Kurt
  6. Francis, Sue & Steve
  7. Gold, Lee
  8. Gold, Lee & Barry
  9. Ketter, Greg
  10. Lurie, Perrianne
  11. Lynch, Nicki & Richard
  12. Mann, Jim
  13. McMurray, Pat
  14. Olson, Erik V.
  15. Sims, Pat & Roger

Captions updated and reprinted on existing entries:

  1. Gomoll, Jeanne
  2. Nakashima, Lex

Caption data received or updated in Oct. 2002:

  1. Claire & Dave Anderson, F.N.
  2. Claire Anderson, F.N.
  3. Dave Anderson, F.N.
  4. Darrel L. Exline
  5. Alison Freebairn
  6. Lucy Huntzinger
  7. Don Lundry
  8. Murray Moore
  9. Ron Ontell
  10. Ron & Val Ontell
  11. Pat Sims
  12. Roger Sims
  13. Edie Stern

Pictures of the pictures uploaded for almost all of the current photos in the collection. We're nearly up with that phase of the "Online Fan Gallery" project. Completing the project of putting all the "actual photos" online is going more slowly, as we have to wait on (1) getting permission from the subjects, and (2) getting the old print photos scanned in.

Nov 2002

Caption data received or updated in Nov. 2002:

  1. Worldcon Chairs (2002)
  2. Pam Fremon
  3. Eric P. Scott
  4. Kees van Toorn

Windycon appearance. 134 fans in 122 photos exhibited. Christian and Chaz set it up in just under 90 minutes. Teardown took 40 minutes with the help of some Windycon people whose names I didn't catch.

Loscon 29 appearance. [Loscon 29 layout] 215 fans in 199 photos exhibited in three 6'x6' bays, plus an extra panel on the back of the last bay for a total of ten 6'w x 4'h panels. This is the first Loscon where the entire Fan Gallery would not fit. (The nook we use doesn't have room to add more panels.) Tadao Tomomatsu helped set up - in addition to his Loscon 29 Chair duties, he put together the art show panels we used. Christian and I put up the exhibit in about 3 and a half hours. Eric P. Scott and Cathy Mullican helped tear down on Sunday night. Teardown took less than an hour; we had all the photos packed and the pegboard down in 50 minutes.

Dec 2002

Additions to Fan Gallery in December:

  1. Alexander, Heather
  2. Beach, Covert
  3. Chalker, Jack L.
  4. DeVore, Howard
  5. Donahue, Michael
  6. Eisenstein, Phyllis
  7. Lake, Christina
  8. Morgan, Cheryl
  9. Passovoy, Bob
  10. Pomeranz, John
  11. Rennie, Sparks
  12. Scithers, George H.
  13. Spencer, Garth
  14. Sund, Bjørn Tore
  15. Toskey, Burnett R.
  16. Wells, Patty

Photos replaced in December:

  1. Armbruster, Bobbi
  2. Docherty, Vincent
  3. Mansfield, John
  4. Porter, Andrew I.
  5. Siegel, Kurt C.
  6. Smith, Dick

Captions updated and reprinted on existing entries:

  1. Anderson, Claire
  2. Anderson, Dave
  3. Geisler, Deb
  4. Scott, Jerome, & Klein-Lebbink, Elizabeth
  5. Siros, Willie

Caption data received or updated in Dec. 2002:

  1. Genny Dazzo & Craig Miller
  2. Jill Eastlake
  3. Don & Jill Eastlake
  4. Phyllis & Alex Eisenstein
  5. Kathleen Meyer
  6. Ian Sorensen

Smofcon appearance. Twelve 4'x4' panels were provided from the ConFurence supplies. 167 fans in 155 photos exhibited. Elisa Sheets helped set up, Jim Briggs and Cathy Mullican helped tear down.

26-Apr-2002 USPS/Santa Ana   1.02 Postage
05-May-2002 USPS/Anaheim   2.50 Postage
06-May-2002 Home Depot   2.98 Pegboard sheet, 2'x4'
09-May-2002 USPS/Anaheim   9.18 Postage
21-May-2002 Stater Bros   2.14 Double-sided sticky back tape
14-Jun-2002 USPS/Anaheim   10.88 Postage
19-Jun-2002 USPS/Anaheim   5.58 Postage
03-Jul-2002 Target   12.87 Frames, 6, $1.99 each plus tax
10-Jul-2002 Target   55.75 Frames, 26, $1.99 each plus tax
16-Jul-2002 USPS/Anaheim   3.37 Postage
23-Jul-2002 USPS/Anaheim   0.37 Postage
25-Jul-2002 Target   12.87 Frames, 6, $1.99 each plus tax
28-Jul-2002 USPS/Anaheim   0.60 Postage
02-Aug-2002 USPS/Anaheim   0.83 Postage
17-Aug-2002 Target   8.58 Frames, 4, $1.99 each plus tax
24-Sep-2002 Target   30.02 Frames, 14, $1.99 each plus tax
15-Oct-2002 USPS/Anaheim   0.37 Postage
07-Nov-2002 LAX gift shop   5.41 "Los Angeles" bumper stickers, to commemorate Westercon appearance
10-Nov-2002 Windy City souvenir shop   4.35 "Chicago" bumper stickers, to commemorate Windycon appearance
08-Dec-2002 San Diego souvenir shop   1.00 "San Diego" bumper stickers (shiny rainbow sailboard), to commemorate Smofcon appearance
22-Dec-2002 Target   19.30 Frames, 9, $1.99 each plus tax, last time at this price
22-Dec-2002 Walmart   25.52 Frames, 18, $2.96 each for eight packages (two of which had 6 in them) plus tax
28-Dec-2002 Sav-On   7.95 Two rolls of double sided sticky back tape
TOTAL  223.44 26-Apr-2002 through 28-Dec-2002