[Fan Gallery] Fan Gallery Collection as of 01-Jan-2005

Status Reports 2005

Rev. 06-May-2005

Photos in the Fan Gallery, as of 01-Jan-2005, include 386 fans in 422 photos: 380 individual shots, 37 couple shots, and 5 group shots. 139 (36%) of the individuals are "core collection" photos.

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  1. *Worldcon Chairs (1998) BucConeer [photo available]
  2. *Worldcon Chairs (2000) Chicon VI [picture of photo available]
  3. *Worldcon Chairs (2001) Millennium Philcon [photo available]
  4. *Worldcon Chairs (2002) Con José [picture of photo available]
  5. *Worldcon Chairs (2003) Torcon 3 [photo available]
  6. Brett Achorn [picture of photo available]
  7. Forrest J Ackerman FGoH: PacifiCon II (1964 Worldcon/Westercon), Hugo: 1953 #1 Fan Personality. [picture of photo available]
  8. *Andrew A. Adams [photo available]
  9. Heather Alexander [photo available]
  10. Claire Anderson, F.N.& [picture of photo available]
  11. Claire & Dave Anderson, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  12. *Dave Anderson, F.N.& [picture of photo available]
  13. Janet Wilson Anderson [photo available]
  14. *Karen Anderson [picture of photo available]
  15. Bobbi Armbruster [photo available]
  16. *Ted Atwood, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  17. James Bacon TAFF 2004 winner.
  18. Chaz Boston Baden ("Hazel the Bear") [picture of photo available]
  19. *Lenny Bailes
  20. Don Bailey [picture of photo available]
  21. John Bangsund [picture of photo available]
  22. Kurt Baty [photo available]
  23. Covert Beach [picture of photo available]
  24. Ray E. Beam [photo available]
  25. Tom Becker
  26. *Judy Bemis [photo available]
  27. Gregory Benford [picture of photo available]
  28. Ron Bennett British TAFF delegate to 1958 Los Angeles SolaCon. [photo available]
  29. Alice Bentley [photo available]
  30. Michael R. Bernstein [photo available]
  31. *John Berry ("Irish John Berry", "Goon Bleary") Fan GoH: Detention (1959 Worldcon), attended via a special fan fund. [photo available]
  32. John D. Berry DUFF Winner 1989. [picture of photo available]
  33. Jack Beslanwitch [photo available]
  34. Kent Bloom [photo available]
  35. *John Boardman [picture of photo available]
  36. Stephen Boucher [photo available]
  37. Robbie Bourget (Robbie Cantor) DUFF Co-Winner (w/ Marty Cantor): 1985 [picture of photo available]
  38. Velma Bowen "Vijay" TAFF 1999 winner, went to Reconvene, the 1999 Eastercon. [photo available]
  39. *Margo Bratton (Judith L.) [picture of photo available]
  40. Seth Breidbart [picture of photo available]
  41. Claire Brialey [photo available]
  42. James M. Briggs [photo available]
  43. *Ann Broomhead & Tim Szczesuil [picture of photo available]
  44. *Ann Broomhead, F.N.& (Ann McCutchen) [picture of photo available]
  45. *Charles N. Brown Awards: Many Hugos [photo available]
  46. *Jordan Brown& [picture of photo available]
  47. *Jordan & Kimberlee Brown [photo available]
  48. Kimberlee Marks Brown& [picture of photo available]
  49. Nate Bucklin [picture of photo available]
  50. Stan Burns ("Staniel") [photo available]
  51. Elinor Busby Fanzine Hugo, 1960, for CRY OF THE NAMELESS. [photo available]
  52. F.M. Busby ("Buz") Hugo Award for CRY OF THE NAMELESS, 1959. (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  53. *Linda Bushyager& [photo available]
  54. Ron Bushyager& [photo available]
  55. *Ron & Linda Bushyager [photo available]
  56. K.I.M. Campbell (inactive) [photo available]
  57. Grant Canfield [picture of photo available]
  58. *Dave Cantor, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  59. Marty Cantor DUFF Winner 1985 (w/ Robbie Cantor) [photo available]
  60. *Elisabeth Carey, F.N. [photo available]
  61. *Avedon Carol TAFF winner 1983. [photo available]
  62. Chalker, Jack. L., & Whitley, Eva
  63. Jack L. Chalker TM: 1983 Worldcon Co-chair: 1974 Worldcon. (inactive) [photo available]
  64. Ross Chamberlain [photo available]
  65. Sandra Childress [photo available]
  66. *David W. Clark Chair: Con Francisco (1993 Worldcon) [picture of photo available]
  67. *Dave Clement "Decadent Dave Clement" [photo available]
  68. Nancy Cobb [picture of photo available]
  69. Sandy Cohen [picture of photo available]
  70. *Esther Cole ("Es") [picture of photo available]
  71. Lester Cole ("Les") Co-Chair: SFCon (Worldcon 12, 1954). [picture of photo available]
  72. *Karen Cooper
  73. Arthur Jean Cox [picture of photo available]
  74. Chuck Crayne Co-Chair: LACon (1972). Chair: NASFiC (1975) [picture of photo available]
  75. John Dallman [photo available]
  76. *Joni & Todd Dashoff Millennium Philcon-59th World Science Fiction Convention (Todd, Chair) [photo available]
  77. Joni Brill Dashoff& [photo available]
  78. Todd Dashoff& Millennium Philcon-59th World Science Fiction Convention (Chair) [picture of photo available]
  79. Kathryn Daugherty [picture of photo available]
  80. *Steve Davies & Giulia De Cesare [photo available]
  81. Steve Davies& [photo available]
  82. Sue Dawe [picture of photo available]
  83. Genny Dazzo & Craig Miller Chair (Craig): Co-Chair (Craig): L.A.Con II (Worldcon 1984). [photo available]
  84. Genny Dazzo& [picture of photo available]
  85. Gay Ellen Dennett, F.N.
  86. *Howard DeVore "Big Hearted Howard" FGoH: L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon). Co-Chair: Tricon, 1966 Worldcon, in Cleveland. [picture of photo available]
  87. Giulia De Cesare& [picture of photo available]
  88. Tom Digby Honored Guest: ConFrancisco (Worldcon 51, 1993). [picture of photo available]
  89. Vincent Docherty (Vince) Convention Chair: Intersection (Worldcon 1995), Interaction (Worldcon 2005) [photo available]
  90. Bill Donaho Worldcon/Westercon co-chair 1968. (inactive) [photo available]
  91. Michael Donahue (Mike) [photo available]
  92. *Ira Donewitz [picture of photo available]
  93. Fred Duarte, Jr. [picture of photo available]
  94. Bobbie DuFault Chair: Cascadia Con, 2005 NASFiC in Seattle [photo available]
  95. Craig Dyer
  96. David Dyer-Bennet ("DD-B") [photo available]
  97. Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet [picture of photo available]
  98. Donald E. Eastlake III, F.N.& [picture of photo available]
  99. *Don & Jill Eastlake [picture of photo available]
  100. Jill Eastlake& [picture of photo available]
  101. Lilian Edwards TAFF winner, 1988. [photo available]
  102. Alex Eisenstein& [picture of photo available]
  103. Phyills Eisenstein& [picture of photo available]
  104. Phyllis & Alex Eisenstein [picture of photo available]
  105. Bill Ellern [picture of photo available]
  106. Marjii Ellers (Marjorie Fleming Merritt Ellersieck) Fan GoH: CactusCon (1987 NASFiC) (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  107. David Emerson [picture of photo available]
  108. Dick Eney FGoH: L.A.con II (1984 Worldcon). [photo available]
  109. Ahrvid Engholm [photo available]
  110. *Kurt Erichsen [photo available]
  111. Darrel L. Exline [picture of photo available]
  112. Bruce Farr Chair: Cactuscon (1987 NASFiC) [picture of photo available]
  113. Moshe Feder [picture of photo available]
  114. Gary Keith Feldbaum [photo available]
  115. jan howard finder ("wombat") Honored Guest, ConFrancisco (1993 Worldcon). [photo available]
  116. Leslie Fish [picture of photo available]
  117. Naomi Fisher DUFF 2001 winner.
  118. Raymond Fisher ("Duggie") Co-chair of St. Louiscon, Worldcon, 1969. (inactive) [photo available]
  119. Don Fitch [picture of photo available]
  120. Ken Fletcher DUFF Winner (w/ Linda Lounsbury) 1979. [picture of photo available]
  121. *George Flynn, F.N. (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  122. Kaja Foglio& [photo available]
  123. *Kaja & Phil Foglio Hugo Award, Best Fan Artist. 1977 and 1978 [photo available]
  124. Phil Foglio& Hugo Award, Best Fan Artist. 1977 and 1978 [photo available]
  125. Richard Foss [picture of photo available]
  126. Brad W. Foster Fan Artist Hugo 1987-1989, 1992, 1994. [picture of photo available]
  127. Susan L. Fox-Davis [picture of photo available]
  128. *Steve Francis& [picture of photo available]
  129. *Sue Francis& [picture of photo available]
  130. Sue & Steve Francis [photo available]
  131. Donald Franson (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  132. Alison Freebairn [picture of photo available]
  133. Pam Fremon [picture of photo available]
  134. Penny Frierson Co-Chair: ConFederation (Worldcon 44, Atlanta, 1986) [picture of photo available]
  135. Dean Gahlon [picture of photo available]
  136. Dave Gallaher [photo available]
  137. Bobby Gear [photo available]
  138. Marty Gear [photo available]
  139. *Deb Geisler Chair: Noreascon Four (2004 Worldcon) [photo available]
  140. Janice Gelb North American DUFF Delegate to Aussiecon 3, 1999. [picture of photo available]
  141. Rick Gellman [picture of photo available]
  142. Bruce Gillespie FGoH: Aussiecon 3 (Worldcon 1999) [photo available]
  143. *Alexis Gilliland Hugos: Best Fan Artist (1980, 1983, 1984, 1985) [picture of photo available]
  144. Glenn Glazer [picture of photo available]
  145. Mike Glicksohn Best Fanzine (Amateur Magazine) Hugo 1973, with Susan Wood Glicksohn [picture of photo available]
  146. Diana Glyer& (Diana Pavlac) [picture of photo available]
  147. Mike Glyer& FGoH: Torcon III (2003 Worldcon) Hugo: Best Fan Writer (1984, 1985, 1988); Hugo: Best Fanzine (1984, 1986, 1989) Chair: L.A.Con III (Worldcon 54, 1996). [picture of photo available]
  148. Mike & Diana Glyer FGoH (Mike): Torcon III (2003 Worldcon) Hugo: Best Fan Writer (1984, 1985, 1988); Best Fanzine (1984, 1986, 1989). (Mike) Chair (Mike): L.A.Con III (Worldcon 54, 1996). [photo available]
  149. Barry Gold& [photo available]
  150. *Lee Gold& [photo available]
  151. *Lee & Barry Gold [photo available]
  152. Lynn Gold [photo available]
  153. Jeanne Gomoll TAFF Winner 1987. [picture of photo available]
  154. Victor Gonzalez Won TAFF, 2001 (and, sadly, very late on my trip report).
  155. Dan Goodman [picture of photo available]
  156. Peter Grace [photo available]
  157. Ed Green [picture of photo available]
  158. Steve Green [photo available]
  159. Ian Gunn FFANZ Winner 1993. GUFF Winner 1995. Fan Artist Hugo, 1999. (inactive)
  160. Hal Haag [photo available]
  161. Jay Haldeman (Jack C. Haldeman II) Chair: Discon II (1974 Worldcon) (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  162. John Harold [photo available]
  163. Eve Harvey& GUFF Winner (Europe to Australia) 1985, for Aussiecon 2. [photo available]
  164. Eve & John Harvey Eve: GUFF Winner (Europe to Australia) 1985, for Aussiecon 2. [photo available]
  165. John Harvey& [photo available]
  166. *Teddy Harvia & Diana Thayer Best Fan Artist Hugo (1991, 1995, 2001) [photo available]
  167. Teddy Harvia& (David Thayer) Best Fan Artist Hugo (1991, 1995, 2001). [photo available]
  168. James Hay [photo available]
  169. John Hertz
  170. Melanie Herz [picture of photo available]
  171. Rusty Hevelin FGoH: Denvention Two (Worldcon 1981); DUFF Winner 1975. [picture of photo available]
  172. Colin Hinz CUFF (Canadian Unity Fan Fund) Delegate, 2002. [photo available]
  173. *Chip Hitchcock, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  174. Arthur D. Hlavaty [photo available]
  175. Martin Hoare [photo available]
  176. Lee Hoffman ("LeeH") GoH: Chicon IV (1982 Worldcon) TAFF winner, 1956 (eastbound).
  177. Lucy Huntzinger DUFF Winner 1987. [photo available]
  178. Marcia Kelly Illingworth (nee Marcia McCoy) [photo available]
  179. Tim Illingworth [photo available]
  180. Hiroaki Inoue
  181. Charles Lee Jackson II [picture of photo available]
  182. Rob Jackson [photo available]
  183. Saul Jaffe [picture of photo available]
  184. Peter Jarvis Chair Torcon 3 (2003 Worldcon). [photo available]
  185. *Michael Jencevice [picture of photo available]
  186. *Mary Jane Jewell [picture of photo available]
  187. *Robin Johnson Chair: Aussiecon (Worldcon 33, Melbourne, 1975). [picture of photo available]
  188. Angela Jones [photo available]
  189. Marsha Jones (Marsha Brown, Marsha Elkin) [picture of photo available]
  190. *Neil Kaden [picture of photo available]
  191. Jordin Kare& [picture of photo available]
  192. *Jordin & Mary Kay Kare [picture of photo available]
  193. Mary Kay Kare& [photo available]
  194. Arnie and Joyce Katz Joyce: Co-chair (with Raymond "Duggie" Fisher) of St. Louiscon, Worldcon, 1969 [picture of photo available]
  195. *Rick Katze, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  196. *Jerry Kaufman DUFF Winner, 1983. [photo available]
  197. Ken Keller Chair: MidAmeriCon (Kansas City, 1976 Worldcon).
  198. Earl Kemp Chairman: ChiCon III (1962 Worldcon). Hugo 1961, for fanzine, WHO KILLED SCIENCE FICTION? [photo available]
  199. *Greg Ketter [photo available]
  200. *Paul Kincaid GUFF Winner, 1999. [photo available]
  201. *Jay Kay Klein FGoH: DisCon II (Worldcon 32, 1974). [picture of photo available]
  202. *Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink & Jerome Scott [photo available]
  203. Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink D.I.& [picture of photo available]
  204. Ed Kramer Chair: NASFiC, 1995 [photo available]
  205. Laura Krentz [picture of photo available]
  206. David A. Kyle FGoH: ConStellation (1983 Worldcon) Chair: NyCOn II (1956 Worldcon). [photo available]
  207. Christina Lake TAFF Winner, 1988. [photo available]
  208. Dave Langford Fan GoH: Conspiracy `87 (Worldcon 45, Brighton) Hugo: Best Fan Writer (1985, 1987, 1989 thru 1997, 2003, 2004), Best Fanzine (ANSIBLE: 1987, 1995, 1996, 1999). TAFF Winner: 1980. [picture of photo available]
  209. George Laskowski ("Lan") Fanzine Hugo 1986, 1991 (inactive) [photo available]
  210. Evelyn Leeper& [photo available]
  211. Mark Leeper& [photo available]
  212. *Mark & Evelyn Leeper [photo available]
  213. *David Levine & Kate Yule
  214. David Levine& [photo available]
  215. Fred A Levy Haskell
  216. *Suford Lewis, F.N.& [picture of photo available]
  217. Suford & Tony Lewis, F.N. Chair Noreascon (29th Worldcon, 1971) [photo available]
  218. *Tony Lewis, F.N.& Chair: Noreascon (29th Worldcon, 1971) [picture of photo available]
  219. Robert Lichtman TAFF Winner 1989. [photo available]
  220. Denny Lien [photo available]
  221. Guy Lillian III DUFF Winner 2003. [picture of photo available]
  222. Eric Lindsay GUFF Winner 2001 [picture of photo available]
  223. *Mark Linneman [picture of photo available]
  224. Allison Lonsdale [photo available]
  225. John Lorentz [picture of photo available]
  226. *Gary Louie (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  227. *Don Lundry Chair: Suncon (Worldcon 35, 1977, Miami Beach) [picture of photo available]
  228. *Grace Lundry (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  229. Richard Lupoff Hugo, 1963, Best Fanzine [photo available]
  230. *Perrianne Lurie [photo available]
  231. Nicki Lynch& FGoH: ConuCopia (1999 NASFiC); Hugo Award winner, Fanzine category 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003. [picture of photo available]
  232. Nicki & Richard Lynch FGoH: ConuCopia (1999 NASFiC); Hugo Award winner, Fanzine category 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003. [photo available]
  233. Richard Lynch& FGoH: ConuCopia (1999 NASFiC); Hugo Award winner, Fanzine category 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003. [picture of photo available]
  234. *J. Shaun Lyon [photo available]
  235. *Martin McClure
  236. Nancy Wirsig McClure [photo available]
  237. Christian B. McGuire Chair: NASFiC 1999 (Conucopia); L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon). [photo available]
  238. Mike McInerney [photo available]
  239. *Pat McMurray GUFF winner, 2003/2004, UK to Australia. [photo available]
  240. *Jim Mann, F.N.& [photo available]
  241. Laurie Mann, F.N.& [picture of photo available]
  242. *Laurie & Jim Mann, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  243. John Mansfield Chair: ConAdian (1994 Worldcon). [picture of photo available]
  244. Jurgen G. Marzi [photo available]
  245. Sue Mason TAFF winner, 2000. Hugo award for Fan Artist, 2003. [photo available]
  246. Marty Massoglia [picture of photo available]
  247. Joe Mayhew Best Fan Artist Hugo (1998). (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  248. Mark Merlino "Sylys Sable" [photo available]
  249. Karen Meschke Chair: LoneStarCon 2 (Worldcon 55, 1997, San Antonio). [picture of photo available]
  250. Edmund R. Meskys (Ed) Hugo for Fanzine, 1967. [photo available]
  251. Kathleen Meyer Chair: Chicon V (1991) [picture of photo available]
  252. Craig Miller& Co-Chair: L.A.Con II (Worldcon 1984). [photo available]
  253. June Moffatt& TAFF Winner 1973 (w/ Len) [picture of photo available]
  254. Len Moffatt& TAFF Winner 1973 (w/June) [picture of photo available]
  255. *Len & June Moffatt TAFF Winner 1973 [photo available]
  256. G. Patrick Molloy ("Pat") Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) 2001 with wife Naomi Fisher. [picture of photo available]
  257. Ken Moore ("Khen") [photo available]
  258. Murray Moore Canadian Unity Fan Fund (CUFF) delegate to the 2001 Canvention in Vancouver, B.C. [picture of photo available]
  259. Cheryl Morgan Hugo Award for Best Fanzine, 2004. [photo available]
  260. Liz Mortensen [picture of photo available]
  261. Janice Murray DUFF winner, 1997. [picture of photo available]
  262. Lex Nakashima [photo available]
  263. Michael Nelson [photo available]
  264. Patrick Nielsen Hayden, F.N.& TAFF Winner 1985. [photo available]
  265. *Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden TAFF Winner 1985. [photo available]
  266. Teresa Nielsen Hayden, F.N.& TAFF Winner (w/ Patrick) 1985. [picture of photo available]
  267. Marilyn Niven, F.N. (Fuzzy Pink) [picture of photo available]
  268. Debbie Notkin [photo available]
  269. Bob Null (Merlin R.) [picture of photo available]
  270. Ulrika O'Brien TAFF Winner, 1998 [picture of photo available]
  271. Rod O'Riley [picture of photo available]
  272. Chris O'Shea ("The Magician") [photo available]
  273. Erik V. Olson [photo available]
  274. *Mark Olson, F.N.& Chair: Noreascon 3 (1989: 47th Worldcon). [picture of photo available]
  275. *Priscilla Olson, F.N.& [photo available]
  276. *Priscilla & Mark Olson, F.N. Chair (Mark): Noreascon 3 (1989: 47th Worldcon) [photo available]
  277. Ron Ontell& [photo available]
  278. *Ron & Val Ontell [photo available]
  279. Val Ontell& (nee Valerie Sussman) [photo available]
  280. Kathi Overton [picture of photo available]
  281. *Tony Parker [picture of photo available]
  282. Myrna Parmentier (Myrna Logan) ("The Dragon Lady") [picture of photo available]
  283. Spike Parsons
  284. Bob Passovoy co-Fan GoH (with Anne) at Chicon 2000. [picture of photo available]
  285. Fred Patten [picture of photo available]
  286. Sara M. Paul [photo available]
  287. Ross Pavlac Co-Chairman, Chicon IV (1982). (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  288. *Bruce Pelz, F.N. Fan GoH: Worldcon 38 (1980: Noreascon 2) Co-Chair (w/Chuck Crayne): Worldcon 30 (1972: LACon) (inactive) [photo available]
  289. Elayne Pelz [photo available]
  290. KRin Pender-Gunn FFANZ with Ian Gunn, 1993 (Defcon 4, Wellington New Zealand). GUFF with Ian Gunn, 1995 (Interaction, Glasgow). [picture of photo available]
  291. *Lloyd Penney& CUFF winner 1998 (with Yvonne). [photo available]
  292. *Yvonne Penney& CUFF winner 1998 (with Lloyd). [photo available]
  293. Yvonne & Lloyd Penney CUFF Winner 1998. [photo available]
  294. Sandy and Pierre Pettinger [photo available]
  295. Selina Phanara [photo available]
  296. Greg Pickersgill GoH: InterAction (2005 Worldcon). TAFF Winner 1986. [photo available]
  297. Michael T. Pins [picture of photo available]
  298. Mark Plummer [photo available]
  299. John Pomeranz [photo available]
  300. Andrew I. Porter FGoH: ConFiction (Worldcon 48, The Hague, 1990) Hugo Awards: Best Fanzine (ALGOL, 1974); Best Semi-Prozine (Science Fiction Chronicle, 1993 and 1994) [photo available]
  301. D. Potter [photo available]
  302. Charlotte Proctor [photo available]
  303. *Peggy Ranson 1993 Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist. [photo available]
  304. *Victor J. Raymond [picture of photo available]
  305. Hank Reinhardt& [photo available]
  306. *Toni & Hank Reinhardt [photo available]
  307. Toni Weisskopf Reinhardt& ("T.K.F. Weisskopf") [photo available]
  308. Sparks Rennie (A. Michael Rennie) [photo available]
  309. Mike Resnick [photo available]
  310. Neil Rest [photo available]
  311. Peter Roberts TAFF winner, 1977. [picture of photo available]
  312. *David E. Romm ("DavE") [photo available]
  313. Bill Roper [photo available]
  314. Vicki Rosenzweig [photo available]
  315. Linda Ross-Mansfield CUFF Winner 1991
  316. Allan Rothstein (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  317. William Rotsler ("Bill") Fan GoH: TorCon II (1973 Worldcon) Best Fan Artist Hugo: 1975, 1979, 1996, 1997. Best Fan Artist Retro-Hugo: 1946 (presented 1996). DUFF Winner: 1977 (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  318. Nigel Rowe Fan Fund of Australia & New Zealand (FFANZ) Winner 1985. [photo available]
  319. Ruth Sachter, F.N. [photo available]
  320. Drew Sanders [photo available]
  321. Kathy Sanders [picture of photo available]
  322. John Sapienza, Jr.& [picture of photo available]
  323. Peggy Rae Sapienza& Chair: Bucconeer (Worldcon 56, 1998, Baltimore). [photo available]
  324. *Peggy Rae & John Sapienza Chair (Peggy Rae): Bucconeer (Worldcon 56, 1998, Baltimore). [photo available]
  325. Sharon Sbarsky, F.N. [picture of photo available]
  326. Martin Schafer [picture of photo available]
  327. Jeff Schalles [picture of photo available]
  328. Marc Rolf Schirmeister ("Schirm") [picture of photo available]
  329. *George H. Scithers FGOH: NorthAmericon '79 (NASFiC); Millennium Philcon (Worldcon, 2001). Chair: DisCon I (1963). Fan Hugo 1964, 1968. [photo available]
  330. Alison Scott [photo available]
  331. Eric P. Scott ("EPS")
  332. Jerome Scott& [picture of photo available]
  333. Mike Scott [picture of photo available]
  334. Joyce Scrivner DUFF Winner, 1981 [photo available]
  335. Bob Shaw ("BoSh") Fanwriter Hugo 1979, 1980. Attended Aussiecon 2 (1985 Worldcon) via The Shaw Fund. (inactive)
  336. *Nancy Tucker Shaw (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  337. Randy Shepherd [picture of photo available]
  338. Sherlock (Sherry Watson) [picture of photo available]
  339. Sachiko Shibano FGoH: L.A.con III (1996 Worldcon) [Data Needed] [picture of photo available]
  340. Takumi Shibano FGoH: L.A.con III (1996 Worldcon). [picture of photo available]
  341. Ina Shorrock
  342. Joe Siclari & Edie Stern Chair: Magicon (51st Worldcon, 1992). [picture of photo available]
  343. Joe Siclari, F.N.& Chair: Magicon (51st Worldcon, 1992). [picture of photo available]
  344. Kurt C. Siegel, F.N. [photo available]
  345. Michael Siladi [picture of photo available]
  346. Steven H Silver [photo available]
  347. *Pat Sims& DUFF Delegate 1995 (w/Roger) [picture of photo available]
  348. *Pat & Roger Sims FGoH: NoLaCon II (1988 Worldcon) Co-Chair: Detention (1959 Worldcon, Detroit). DUFF Delegates, 1995. [photo available]
  349. *Roger Sims& FGoH: NoLaCon II (1988 Worldcon) Co-Chair: Detention (1959 Worldcon, Detroit) DUFF Delegate, 1995 (w/Pat). [picture of photo available]
  350. Jon Singer [photo available]
  351. Willie Siros Chair, LoneStarCon 1 (1985 NASFiC). [picture of photo available]
  352. Dick Smith& DUFF Winner 1993. [photo available]
  353. Dick & Leah Smith DUFF Winners, 1993. [photo available]
  354. *Laurence C. Smith (Larry) [picture of photo available]
  355. Leah Smith& DUFF Winner 1993. [photo available]
  356. T.R. Smith (Theresa Renner) [photo available]
  357. Ian Sorensen [photo available]
  358. Jack Speer FGoH: Noreascon 4 (2004 Worldcon) [photo available]
  359. *Maureen Kincaid Speller TAFF winner, 1998. [photo available]
  360. Garth Spencer CUFF Delegate, 1999. [photo available]
  361. Kevin Standlee Co-Chair: Con José (2002 Worldcon). [photo available]
  362. Edie Stern& [picture of photo available]
  363. Milt Stevens Chair: L.A.con II (Worldcon, 1984; co-chair) [picture of photo available]
  364. Alan Stewart 1991 FFANZ Delegate to New Zealand. 1994 DUFF Delegate to North America. [photo available]
  365. Pearl Stickler [photo available]
  366. *Steve Stiles TAFF Winner, 1968. [photo available]
  367. Keith Stokes [photo available]
  368. Jon Stopa FGoH (with Joni): Chicon V (1991). [picture of photo available]
  369. Joni Stopa Co-FGoH (with Jon): Chicon V (1991). (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  370. Lars-Olov Strandberg [photo available]
  371. Erwin S. Strauss ("Filthy Pierre") [picture of photo available]
  372. Harry Stubbs ("Hal Clement" - "George Richard") (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  373. *Geri Sullivan [picture of photo available]
  374. Bjorn Tore Sund [photo available]
  375. *Tim Szczesuil, F.N.& [picture of photo available]
  376. Matthew B. Tepper ("The Duck") [picture of photo available]
  377. Diana Thayer& [photo available]
  378. Keith Thompson [picture of photo available]
  379. Becky Thomson [photo available]
  380. Tadao Tomomatsu ("Friendly Pine Tree") [picture of photo available]
  381. Suzanne Tompkins (aka "Suzle") [picture of photo available]
  382. *Burnett R. Toskey Fanzine Hugo Award, 1960, for CRY OF THE NAMELESS. [picture of photo available]
  383. John and Bjo Trimble FGoH: ConJose (Worldcon 60, 2002) [picture of photo available]
  384. Bob Tucker ("Hoy Ping Pong") FGoH: Torcon (1948 Worldcon); NyCon3 (1967 Worldcon) Hugo: Best Fan Writer (1969). Retro-Hugo: Best Fanzine (1951) for SCIENCE FICTION NEWSLETTER, awarded in 2001. [picture of photo available]
  385. *Larry Tucker [picture of photo available]
  386. Martin Tudor Won TAFF in 1996.
  387. Leslie Turek Chair: Noreascon II (1980 Worldcon, Boston) Fanzine Hugo for "THE MAD 3 PARTY" (1990). [photo available]
  388. Tobes Valois TAFF winner, 2002.
  389. Jan van 't Ent [photo available]
  390. Larry van der Putte [photo available]
  391. Kees van Toorn Chair, ConFiction 1990 Worldcon in the Hague. [photo available]
  392. Tom Veal Chair: Chicon 2000 (Worldcon 2000) [photo available]
  393. Shelby Vick ("ShelVy") [picture of photo available]
  394. Michael J. Walsh (Mike) Chair: ConStellation (Worldcon 41, Baltimore, 1983) [photo available]
  395. Harry Warner Jr. FGoH: Worldcon 1971. Fan Writer Hugo 1969, 1972. Non-Fiction Hugo 1993 for A WEALTH OF FABLE. (inactive)
  396. Bill Warren [picture of photo available]
  397. Taral Wayne CUFF Winner to Keycon 5/Canvention 8 Winnipeg 1988. [photo available]
  398. *Chris Weber & Karen Willson
  399. *Chris Weber& [photo available]
  400. Jean Weber GUFF Winner 2001 [photo available]
  401. Elst Weinstein
  402. Pam Wells TAFF Winner (1991). [photo available]
  403. Patty Wells [picture of photo available]
  404. Peter Weston FGoH: Noreascon 4 (2004). Chairman, Seacon 79 (37th Worldcon, Brighton, England). TAFF winner, 1974 (to Discon) [photo available]
  405. Alan White [photo available]
  406. Ted White FGoH: Worldcon 1985. Worldcon co-chair 1967. Fan Writer Hugo 1968 [picture of photo available]
  407. Lee Whiteside [photo available]
  408. Eva Whitley
  409. Tom Whitmore Chair: Con José (Worldcon 2002) [photo available]
  410. Art Widner DUFF winner, 1991. [photo available]
  411. Mike Willmoth [picture of photo available]
  412. Karen Willson& [picture of photo available]
  413. Alan Winston [picture of photo available]
  414. Sally Woehrle [photo available]
  415. Noel Wolfman [photo available]
  416. Lew Wolkoff [photo available]
  417. *Stan Woolston (inactive) [picture of photo available]
  418. Richard Wright (inactive) [photo available]
  419. Ben Yalow, F.N. Fan GoH: ConDiego (1990 NASFiC) [photo available]
  420. *Rick Young [picture of photo available]
  421. Kate Yule&
  422. Bernie Zuber [picture of photo available]