[Fan Gallery] Fan Gallery Appearances

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Upcoming Appearances

Note: Fan Gallery photographers will be on hand at these and other events.

Past Appearances

23-25 Nov 2001: Loscon 28, Burbank CA
180 photos were exhibited. Photos of exhibit.
15-17 Feb 2002: Boskone 39, Framingham MA
120 photos were exhibited. Photos of exhibit.
22-24 Feb 2002: ConDor 9, Del Mar CA
77 photos were exhibited. Photos of exhibit.
29-31 Mar 2002: Minicon 37, Minneapolis MN
208 photos were exhibited. Photos of exhibit.
24-26 May 2002: ConQuest 33, Kansas City MO
60 photos were exhibited. Photos of exhibit.

04-07 July 2002: Westercon 55: Conagerie, Los Angeles CA
122 photos were exhibited. Photos of partial exhibit.

29 Aug - 02 Sep 2002: Con José (Worldcon), San Jose CA
209 photos were exhibited. Photos of exhibit.
08-10 Nov 2002: Windycon 29, Schaumburg IL
29 Nov - 01 Dec 2002: Loscon 29, Burbank CA

28 Aug - 01 Sep 2003: TorCon 3 (Worldcon), Toronto, Ontario
Aug 2004: Armadillocon, Austin TX.
Sep 2004: Noreascon 4 (Worldcon), Boston MA.

Inviting the Fan Gallery to your Convention

Suppose that you're the chair of Plergbcon, and you'd like to have the Fan Gallery exhibited at your convention. Here are the guidelines that govern our tour.
  1. Someone from the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests has to be going to Plergbcon and willing to oversee the exhibit. This isn't as unlikely as it may sound -- many SCIFI members travel to other conventions. Write to the Fan Gallery e-mail address, gallery@scifiinc.org to find out if this is a possibility.

  2. There has to be a place to set it up, usually using the same hardware as your Art Show, just as if it was a large "not for sale" art exhibit. It doesn't have to go in your Art Show room, though. In the past it's been displayed in Art Show and Dealers Rooms, Exhibit halls, and in a corner of a foyer.

    If your art show panels use pegboard, we can provide the pegboard hooks and binder clips to hang the photos. If you use some other exotic system (for example, Windycon uses metal gridwork and S-hooks) you'll need to provide hanging hardware.

    How much room will it take to set up? It really depends on how much room can you provide. It will depend, in part, on the configuration of your art show panels. We've seen or heard about 4'x4', 4'x6', 5'x4', and mixed 4'x6'/4'x3' panels. We'd like at least four 4'x6' panels or equivalent for a reduced subset exhibit, and the exhibit can expand to fill a dozen or so panels if there's the space for it. If you tell us the space available, we can tell you how many photos will fit. We usually display a partial exhibit -- you're not obligated to host the entire thing. And the more photos we send the heavier the shipping cases; see below.

  3. We ask that Plergbcon pay for the shipping to and from California. This will probably be somewhere between $100 and $250 total, depending on whether the entire exhibit is sent. We can weigh the shipping cases with all or some of the photos in them ahead of time, and you can determine shipping charges with UPS or your favorite carrier. Smaller exhibits are cheaper to ship.

  4. You should designate someone to be the Plergbcon point of contact. This could be the chair, or hotel liaison, or perhaps the art show head (because it uses art show equipment), but someone needs to be the Plergbcon Fan Gallery Liaison.

    This person should:

  5. You have the option of requesting certain photos to be included, if we're displaying a reduced subset exhibit. See Fan Gallery Contents to find out how many photos are in the current collection. (We displayed 208 at Minicon, in Feb. 2002, but it's getting larger.) If you have limited space, and don't have any particular requests, we'll start with the names listed in bold on the Contents page (esp. those who aren't "inactive," i.e. deceased), add in other fans who are local to your area, the photos most recently added to the exhibit, and then fill out the exhibit with other photos as we see fit.

    We can fit about 130-140 photos (maybe more) in one of the Fan Gallery shipping cases. The Fan Gallery shipping cases are heavy, by the way; a full case (with the mounting hardware included) weighs about 83 lbs. With 110 photos and half of the mounting hardware (just the binder clips) it comes in at 67 lbs, which we estimate as costing $70 round trip. (UPS, insured for $1000. You can check the numbers yourself at www.ups.com. Just remember that it's coming from a business address with daily pick-up service but you'll probably have to ship it back via the customer counter, and the rates are about a buck higher for shipping to a residential address. The Customer Counter option will be about $10 more for our big heavy case.)

  6. We'd appreciate help finding three bumper stickers with the name of your city on them, or at least your state. These can be any kind of sticker - we have stickers from a sports team, a radio station, and a website - so long as we can use them as souvenirs of where the Fan Gallery has been. It seems the airport gift shops don't carry this sort of thing anymore. If you have a little time to look for this, try checking your local RV campground - they might have them.